The Miz Needs Ric Flair Full Time in the WWE

Sebastian Maldonado@!/SebastianTSUFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2013

photo credit: Anton Jackson,
photo credit: Anton Jackson,

The Nature Boy passed the torch, so to speak, for The Miz to use his patented Figure-Four Leg Lock. Since then, Miz used the submission maneuver to win matches.

He defeated Antonio Cesaro in a no-disqualification match and most recently Dolph Ziggler at the Old-School Raw episode. Flair helped Miz win by distracting Big E Langston, Ziggler’s enforcer, after Langston hit Miz on the apron.

After a flurry of Flair chops proved useless, Miz dropkicked Langston through the ropes. He then slapped the figure-four on Ziggler, forcing him to tap.

Winning matches isn’t the only reason these two should link together full time. The reaction Flair still gets is uncanny, out of respect for the 16-time world champion. The WWE Universe still loves Ric Flair, and so does Miz.

You could tell these two get along so well. Their antics before and after Miz’s victory against Ziggler became a contagion spreading over fans. The fans in Buffalo went nuts for Flair and Miz.

Another reason is passing the torch through a different way. Miz is an entertainer not known for his work ethic. It’s only when he’s paired with workers does Miz shines well. Flair can use his tutelage to guide Miz and corner him in the same vein he did for Randy Orton.

Flair was Orton’s manager during Orton’s time at Evolution. The third-generation wrestler became the Legend Killer and the youngest Intercontinental Champion under Flair’s guidance.

If Flair manages Miz full time, imagine what he could do for the former WWE Champion.

Flair could take Miz to the main event again. He could even make Miz a likable face and help him grow as a wrestler and character.

This was a man who was one of the most hated men in recent memory. Putting Miz and Flair together full time would bring a partnership the WWE can remember for quite some time.