WWE Hall Of Fame: Will The Real Hall Of Famers Please Stand Up

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2009


Hall of Fame Definition- pantheon: the group of people whose achievements in a particular field are at the highest level.

The WWE must have not read the definition to Hall of Fame because they have inducted mid-carders and celebrity's before World Champions, not to take away from any of the mid-card wrestlers that are in the pay there dues but there has been a lot more wrestlers that have done lot more for the business and do not get the recognition they deserve.

1. Inductee people that have changed or transcend this business of Professional Wrestling and yes it is the WWE Hall of Fame but no matter what inductee the best in Professional Wrestling period.

2. No more celebrities in the Hall of Fame please this means no more Pete Rose's or William Perry's if there should be anyone it should have been only Mr. T.

But that should have been it no more celebrities please I mean I'm watching the Hall of Fame to watch my heroes being put in there rightful place not some baseball player that got a nice paycheck to get tombstone for a few years I mean really.

3. No more mid-carders and no offense to those that are in but Koko B. Ware was known for having a damn bird. REALLY. Nikolai Volkoff was known for singing the Russian National Anthem and being a Tag Champ with the Iron Sheik. REALLY.

Cowboy Bob Orton wrestled for years but he was remembered for a damn cast that he wore for years. REALLY. If there is anyone I missed please tell me.

4. Vince McMahon will never let the real Hall of Famers be put in because of his past fallout's on how they left the company or how they treated Vince on a personal level. I give it to Vince he put in Bret but that wasn't really Vince McMahon falt for how things went.

For me out of the 81 in the Hall of Fame I will not say who deserves it but about 55 should be in there but that's just me.

The worst's inductees in the WWE Hall of Fame are: Pete Rose and William Perry

The best's inductees in the WWE Hall of Fame are: Hogan, Flair, Austin, and so much more about another twenty or thirty.

The proudest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame to me are: Ric Flair and Bret Hart.

The one that brought me to tears is: Eddie Guerrero and Curt Hening

Well over due: Ricky "Dragon" Steamboat

Wreslters that should be in the WWE Hall of Fame: Macho Man Randy Savage, Owen Hart, Davey Boy Smith, Ted DiBiase, Rick Rude, Jake "Snake" Roberts, Bruno Sammartino, Trish Stratus, The Rock, Legion of Doom, Taz, Bob Backlund, and Dymanite Kid are just some of the names that should but that's all up to the WWE and how they do the Hall of Fame.

The wrestlers have earned the time to talk for as long as they want in there speech after they have everything to you and the business they deserve to talk all they ant and the fans look forward to seeing that so that is something else that should change.