Saint Joseph's vs. Charlotte: Recap, Stats, and Box Score

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Saint Joseph's vs. Charlotte: Recap, Stats, and Box Score
Saint Joseph's 40
(17-12, 5-8 away)
Charlotte 52
(20-10, 15-4 home)
Venue: Halton Arena
7:00PM ET / 4:00PM PT, March 09, 2013
Box Score
1st 2nd Final
Saint Joseph's 19 21 40
Charlotte 18 34 52
Top Performers
Points Rebounds Assists
Saint Joseph's L Galloway 13 R Roberts Jr. 8 H Kanacevic 2
Charlotte W Clayton 12 P Henry 11 C Braswell 3

Charlotte squared off with St. Joseph's (PA) on Saturday, Mar. 9 and defeated the Hawks 52-40 in conference action. Pierra Henry earned a double-double for the 49ers with 12 points and 11 rebounds. Willie Clayton had 12 points and added four rebounds. Langston Galloway got a game-high 13 points and six rebounds for the Hawks.

Charlotte Game Notes

  • The last time Charlotte started the season 20-10 was 2000.
  • Charlotte beat the spread by 14.5 points. That makes the 13th time this season the 49ers have beaten the spread.
  • Charlotte has won 93 percent of the time this season (13-1) after committing 14 or fewer turnovers.
  • The 49ers have won 88 percent of the time this season (7-1) after recording 42 or more rebounds.
  • Charlotte has won every game this season (5-0) when opponents record three or fewer three-pointers.
  • This season Charlotte has won 75 percent of the time (6-2) when Willie Clayton has 12 points or more.
  • Charlotte set season lows for field goals made (15), three-pointers (one), and three-point percentage (7.7).
  • Charlotte has recorded fewer three-pointers than their opponents for the past eight games.
  • This is the fourth win of the season where the 49ers came back after being down at halftime.
  • This is the 15th game at home this season--Charlotte has a 5.2 average scoring margin against opponents at home.
  • The top two scorers (Pierra Henry and Willie Clayton) accounted for 46.1 percent of the points.
  • The top two rebounders (Pierra Henry and Denzel Ingram) accounted for 42.8 percent of the rebounds.
  • Pierra Henry has led the team in scoring seven times and in rebounding 3 times in 30 games this season.
  • Pierra Henry recorded the fifth double-digit rebound game of his career.
  • Pierra Henry has three straight double-digit point games.
  • Pierra Henry recorded a double-double. It was the third of his career.
  • Pierra Henry had career highs with 10 free throws made and 11 rebounds.
  • Chris Braswell has four straight double-digit point games.

St. Joseph's (PA) Game Notes

  • Langston Galloway accounted for 32.5 percent of the team's points.
  • The top two rebounders (Ronald Roberts Jr. and C.J. Aiken) accounted for 50.0 percent of the rebounds.
  • Langston Galloway has led the team in scoring 10 times in 29 games this season.
  • Ronald Roberts Jr. has led the team in rebounding 18 times in 29 games this season.
  • This was the fourth foul out of the season for Halil Kanacevic.
StJoe PlayersMinsPtsRebAstStlBlkTO
BL. Galloway401360203
B-C.J. Aiken30870122
B-R. Roberts Jr.29880023
CHalil Kanacevic29242112
C-Carl Jones35811002
D+Chris Wilson26131110
DDaryus Quarles11000100
CHAR PlayersMinsPtsRebAstStlBlkTO
APierra Henry3612111214
BWillie Clayton291241102
BDenzel Ingram22471200
BChris Braswell271033102
BDarion Clark17670002
CT. Williams29332001
D+E. Nickerson20221002
DIvan Benkovic17000010
-Colby Lewis3300000

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