3 Changes Alistair Overeem Needs to Make Before His Next Fight

Anthony FuscoCorrespondent IIIMarch 10, 2013

3 Changes Alistair Overeem Needs to Make Before His Next Fight

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    Alistair Overeem came into his UFC 156 bout against Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva as the massive favourite.

    Not many people were willing to bet against the well-rounded heavyweight, which is what made the ending of the fight so shocking.

    After two rounds of Overeem toying with Silva, the Brazilian appeared to have had enough.

    At the beginning of the third round, he unleashed some massive punches that eventually knocked "The Reem" into unconsciousness.

    The Dutchman has a lot to work on if he wants to have a better outing in his next fight.

Better Striking Defense

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    Throughout the two-and-a-bit rounds of his last fight, Overeem appeared to be dismissive of Silva's skills.

    He would continually drop his hands and jab away as his opponent looked and waited for an opportunity.

    At the beginning of the third round, Silva saw his chance and took it. He hammered away at the Dutchman's face with heavy punches as soon as he dropped his hands.

    There's only so much punishment one man can take, and at the 25-second mark of the final frame, he crumpled to the canvas.

    "The Reem" has to work on his striking defense for his next scrap. When you fight against some of the hardest-hitting men in the sport, keeping your hands up is imperative.

Lose the Cocky Attitude

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    Overeem was incredibly disrespectful toward Silva leading up to and during their match.

    The big Dutchman came off as condescending and unwary of the skills that "Bigfoot" brought to the table.

    The old saying "what goes around, comes around" proved to be shockingly true as the Brazilian was able to secure a triumphant knockout win.

    Overeem's brash and cocky attitude cost him this heavyweight win.

    When he returns from injury and signs on for his next contest, he needs to be respectful, humble and above all he can't take his opponent's skills lightly.

    Not doing those things is what eventually led to the nasty loss.

Go Back to His Roots

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    Overeem is a feared striker. He is a former K-1 kickboxing champion who also practices Muay Thai.

    He was able to use his clinch work to great effect in his past bouts. Once he gets a hold, he is able to control you and drop heavy knees.

    That has been an excellent, effective skill that he briefly used in the Silva bout.

    He should also remember what got him to where he is today. "The Reem" used a combination of kicks, punches and knees to win him fights.

    He's also got an underrated submission game that he can turn to.

    If Overeem can finish his fights in fast, devastating fashion, it should bode well for his future.


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