Best NBA Selfies

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Best NBA Selfies
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Wiktionary defines a "selfie" as "a self-taken picture," though omg! from Yahoo! appears to differ. It lists some pictures under selfies that were clearly not self-taken but were still shared on a celebrity's social media.

As with everything on the Internet, there appears to be a great deal of latitude in the phenomenon of sharing self-portraits.

According to John Paul Titlow of, over 90 million selfies have been posted on Instagram, "taken primarily by younger users, very few of them with any irony, or even much creativity." 

Of course, no one cares about Joe Schmo's selfies, but when it comes to NBA stars, we hunger for more. What are our favorite athletes doing off the court? If you're having fun at the White House or riding on a Segway, share it with the world!

Thankfully, many NBAers oblige us and compulsively post personal photos on their Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

Many of these postings are not selfies. They are either pictures of teammates sleeping or of sneakers.

But every now and then, they send out a telling portrait of themselves to be scrutinized by the masses, much like Vincent van Gogh. OK, nothing like van Gogh, but what can I say? Times are a-changin'.

While most tweens send out selfies in a desperate search for approval and attention, NBA players send them out like gifts to their fans.

They're a behind-the-scenes look, a bonus feature, a day in the life. And for that we're very grateful.


LeBron James

Credit: LeBron James' Instagram (

LeBron James drives around wearing a Jason Voorhees mask. You know, so he's less noticeable.


Dwyane Wade

Credit: Dwyane Wade's Instagram (

Dwyane Wade is wearing some really gaudy ring. Oh wait, it's the championship ring.


Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony getting the full English gentleman treatment before the New York Knicks game in London against the Detroit Pistons.


Kevin Durant

Credit: Kevin Durant's Instagram (

Kevin Durant and Kendrick Perkins wearing some sort of astronaut pants. But they actually just look like really tall snowboarders. Do they pee inside those space trousers?


Chris Paul

Credit: Chris Paul's Instagram (

Chris Paul and his son posing and demonstrating a trick of perspective. Too bad his son is a bigger fan of Michael Jordan.


Blake Griffin

Credit: Blake Griffin's Instagram (

This is Blake Griffin sporting a souvenir hat from the Great Wall of China. I think I've seen those hats sold on 14th Street in New York, but it's a reminder of a nice trip for him. It's also his Instagram profile photo, which shows good taste.


Kobe Bryant

When Kobe Bryant has a bad game, he turns into Geoffrey Rush in Shine.


James Harden

Credit: James Harden's Instagram (

Here's a reminder of how unruly James Harden's beard used to be. Unreal. Facial hair that bushy hasn't been seen since the Martin Van Buren presidency.


Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard appears to be riding to practice in some sort of wood-paneled limo with mirrors on the ceiling. He also seems puzzled at his own workout playlist.


Deron Williams

Credit: Deron Williams' Instagram (

Deron Williams is a staunch supporter of his daughter's art. And check out the girl in the backseat throwing shapes.


Kyrie Irving

Credit: Kyrie Irving's Instagram (

Who is Uncle Drew? Spoiler alert: It turns out he's Kyrie Irving.


Kevin Love

Credit: Kevin Love's Instagram (

Uncle Drew's partner in crime is Wes, aka Kevin Love. Apparently, Wes is also an astronaut.

K-Love's Instagram account is pretty excellent, yielding occasional gems like this pic of Nikola Pekovic with Zach Galifianakis. Not to mention Pek wearing an Alan t-shirt from The Hangover.


Russell Westbrook

Credit: Russell Westbrook's Instagram (

Russell Westbrook is a very stylish guy. But here he just looks like Orville Redenbacher with a new hat.


Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is a loose cannon; a rebel without a cause. At least when he's taking a selfie for his fans, that is. The mild-mannered choir boy was yelled at for standing on the swanky seats. Watch the leather!


Iman Shumpert

Credit: Iman Shumpert's Instagram (

Even players who aren't major stars can be worth following. Iman Shumpert shared his outfit for an '80s party with us. And it doesn't matter that he was born in 1990, because this costume is tight!


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