Do You Agree with Big Show's Inclusion in The Shield Angle?

Chris Featherstone@@CraveWrestlingFeatured ColumnistMarch 9, 2013

As we've seen in the past few episodes of Raw and SmackDown, the Big Show has reluctantly helped Randy Orton and Sheamus against the attacks of The Shield.

Apparently, he will be included in a six-man tag match at WrestleMania XXIX. Even here, Big Show continues to play the heel, chokeslamming Randy Orton and KO-punching Sheamus after giving his assistance.

Is this an example of hurry-up booking?

In a word, yes. I'm not sold on it, either—not in the slightest.

Big Show should not be included in this feud at all. There are other options for Big Show to be included.

As we know, every wrestler wants to be featured in WrestleMania. It is the biggest payday of the year. This is why we see multi-person tag matches, namely, the Corre vs. Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston (who replaced Vladimir Kozlov) and Santino Marella at WrestleMania XXVII. 

Let's not forget the Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny 10-man tag match at WrestleMania XXVIII.

This match has the ability to not fall into the same category as those aforementioned matches. A no-DQ fight against The Shield at WrestleMania can have a good level of intensity, especially seeing how they work well together from their previous matches. However, including the Big Show dilutes this intensity if he also is feuding with his teammates.

If three cohesive teams couldn't beat The Shield, why should we believe a non-cohesive team can?


A Better Option

The better option would have been for Dolph Ziggler's Money in the Bank briefcase to be at stake, pitting former World Heavyweight champions in the bout. This opens up a spot for those who are not scheduled for a WrestleMania match yet—Chris Jericho, Christian, The Big Show, The Great Khali and Rey Mysterio (since we now know that he doesn't need surgery).

This would have the makings of a exciting match, minus Khali, who would at least get his payday at the event. This match opens the show, with Ziggler winning and cashing in the case later in the evening to become World Heavyweight champion.

What a way to revitalize a currently stale Dolph Ziggler character!

This concept could also allow the MITB pay-per-view to remain because it would not be for a fresh MITB case. Rather, it would keep the same requirements of a mandated cash-in before July's par-per-view.

Since the Miz was formerly attacked by The Shield, he could have been included in the match. The Shield should go over at WrestleMania anyway, so it really does not matter what babyface you throw on the opposing team. 

Do you agree with the Big Show being included in the Orton/Sheamus vs. Shield feud? Comment (civilly) below.


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