Floyd Mayweather Is in Robert Guerrero's Head After Face-to-Face Trash Talk

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIMarch 9, 2013

image from Showtime
image from Showtime

Never trash talk a trash talker, especially when that's not normally your style. Robert Guerrero learned that first hand when he came face to face with Floyd Mayweather during a pre-fight hype session for their May 4 bout.

Guerrero initiated the trash talk via Twitter when he replied to a unrelated Mayweather tweet with some venom.

Internet trash talk is much easier than in-person jaw jacking, and Guerrero found that he couldn't quite keep up with Mayweather when the two men were in close quarters.

Take a look at the video from Sho Sports' YouTube channel.

Obviously, this little exchange doesn't decide the fight, and no one can pretend that Guerrero is completely incapable of defeating Mayweather. He's seven years younger and hungry for the glory Mayweather has been enjoying for the last 10 or 15 years.

He's a formidable opponent in the ring, but clearly no match for Money when it comes to verbal intimidation.

As Mayweather mentions later in the video, he's been promoting fights and engaging in mental warfare for a long time. Guerrero's initial shots only gave Mayweather fuel and time to surprise Guerrero with his aggression and banter.

No matter what Guerrero says, you could see in his demeanor that he was uncomfortable.

Sometimes there is a moment during pre-fight banter where one guy appears to be wondering if the other guy is serious, or just hyping the fight.

Guerrero appeared to be experiencing that moment during the exchange. Unprompted, he used the words "intimidated" and "heated" in his solo interview after the encounter.

Guerrero appeared to be feeling a little bit of both.

Mayweather accomplished exactly what he wanted with this exchange. He showed up late for the event, and when he arrived he pounced on Guerrero, who has never been on this big of a stage in his career.

It is possible that Mayweather has lost a step in the ring, and that potential regression of skills could lead to a Guerrero upset. We'll find that out for sure on May 4.

But this display proves that Money is still in his prime when it comes to gamesmanship.


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