Kobe Bryant Isn't Afraid of Anything...Except Bees

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Kobe Bryant Isn't Afraid of Anything...Except Bees
Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Kobe Bryant can hit three ridiculous three-pointers in the last two minutes of a game to send it into overtime. He's fearless in the fourth quarter.

But don't you dare try to get him to take up beekeeping after he retires.

Bees are quite possibly the only thing in the world that Kobe is afraid of, oddly enough (via Dave McMenamin of ESPNLA).

Of all the things, bees are what gets Kobe's heart racing in a bad way more than anything else.

Wasps I would be able to understand. Those things are endlessly on a warpath in an attempt to kill all that is good in the world, but bees aren't bad creatures. 

Sure, it's no fun getting stung by a bee, but what else would pollinate all those flowers, what else would make all that delicious honey and how else would we be curing HIV?

After this realization, we now know why was Kobe trying to get away from all of those New Orleans Hornets so quickly a few nights ago.

He was scared.

There you have it, Kobe has officially given his opponents something that they can use to slow him down.

We all thought it would be age to get the Black Mamba's slithering down to a crawl, but all teams need to do now is play a buzzing sound effect whenever he's got the ball, or have their fans bring big bee posters and wave them whenever Kobe is in their line of sight.

If they've got any chance of slowing Kobe down on his most recent tear, they might as well just release a few hundred bees in the arena and deal with the aftereffects when they inevitably win thanks to Kobe sprinting into the locker room.

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