UFC 158: Uncensored Trailer Released for GSP vs. Nick Diaz

Jordy McElroyCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2013

The newest trailer for UFC 158 is uncensored and only adds to the hype of one of the most anticipated grudge matches in UFC history.

Nick Diaz will finally get his opportunity to challenge Georges St-Pierre for the UFC welterweight title on March 16 in Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The bout is already being portrayed as a hero vs. villain matchup. St-Pierre is the role-model champion looking to defend the title for an eighth consecutive time, and Diaz is the potty-mouthed rebel hoping to stake his claim as the best in the world.

To Diaz, this is nothing more than another grand attempt by the media to paint him as the bad guy. During the UFC 158 media conference call, he labeled St-Pierre as "pampered" and called himself the true "superhero" of this story.

Sure you're pampered out. I don't have anything against that. All I'm saying is look I hope so mother***ker because. This is some f**ked up s**t, and if I had the money and if had the right people on my side working for me, if I had some mother***kers dropping dime on this guy and that guy to make sure I had my s**t ready for me, I would be doing it, and you bet your ass it would get done.

...I'd like to be known as someone who kept it real. I just don't like that I'm made out to be this evil person that needs to be shot down, that needs to be conquered. What the f**k? If anything, I'm like the superhero coming in with the anti-bulls**t.

Unfortunately for Diaz, the only "superhero" at UFC 158 will be St-Pierre, who will undoubtedly receive a hero's welcome in front of his hometown Canadian fans.

Diaz resents how he is being portrayed for this fight. While entertaining, the video obviously makes him look like the bad guy in the situation, but there really isn't anyone else to blame. Diaz's own words are the ones being used in the video.

Fans love a grudge match, and it's the UFC's job to play into the "bad blood" angle to sell tickets.

This effective video should draw even more interest in what will surely be a blockbuster event.