WWE: Fans Petition President Obama to Name Macho Man Day

Christopher Olmstead@@whooyouknowitSenior Analyst IIIMarch 28, 2017

One of the amazing things about pro-wrestling is that it has some of the most passionate fans. Whether their passion is focused on loving or hating someone, wrestling fans tend to give it their all. Fans of the Macho Man Randy Savage have taken their passion straight to the White House.

There is currently a petition posted on petitions.whitehouse.gov. The petition is urging President Barack Obama to designate May 20th as Macho Man Randy Savage Day. The petition goes on to read:

Macho Man Randy Savage was a national treasure loved by everyone who watched him on television or knew him personally. No matter if you knew him from Slim Jim commercials or his wrestling career, you felt a deep connection with Savage. Tragically, the world lost him on May 20, 2011. This petition is to set aside that day every year as a celebration and remembrance of the Macho Man's life and to keep his legacy alive for future generations to appreciate and enjoy.

Currently this petition has just under 2,000 total signatures. The listed goal of this petition is to receive 100,000 signatures by April 4, 2013.

I love Savage just as much as the next guy, but this might be a bit too much. Savage is without question a legend in the world of pro wrestling. However, calling Savage a "national treasure" might be somewhat of a stretch.

I am not quite sure how being a pro wrestler and starring in Slim Jim commercials makes you worthy of having your own day, much less a day that is recognized on a national level by the President of the United States. Could you imagine if this were to ever happen? Petitions would be popping up all over the place from other fans trying to get days for their favorite wrestlers.

How would you chose to celebrate National John Cena Day?

In the end, I am hoping this was done in a lighthearted manner. I hope it's safe to say that there are many other figures in the world that deserve this honor far more than Savage. Maybe this fan should petition Vince McMahon to get Savage into the WWE Hall of Fame. Now that is a petition that I am sure you could easily get 100,000 signatures on. Ooh Yeah!