San Antonio Spurs' All-Time Dream Team

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San Antonio Spurs' All-Time Dream Team

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    The San Antonio Spurs have become one of the most renowned franchises in modern-day professional sports, but their dominance dates back long before the 21st century.

    Whether it be the ABA days with George Gervin or the modern era in which they won four titles, the team has been recognized as an elite squad for quite some time.

    Because of this, an all-time squad would likely be among the most dominant in the league. The question is, however, with an abundance of talent, who would make the cut?

Starting Point Guard: Tony Parker

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    2001 - Present

    Compared to many on the team, Tony Parker is a bit young, but since joining the team as a late first-round pick in 2001, Parker has certainly established himself as one of the top players in team history.

    Coach Gregg Popovich took Parker, who simply used to be a scoring point guard, and helped mold him into the well-rounded floor leader he is today. And at 30, Parker still has plenty of time to add to his already impressive collection of accolades.

    With five All-Star appearances, Parker has been recognized as one of the top players in the league today, and his trio of Finals wins—one of which he was named MVP (2006-07)—prove his worth as a winner.

    He may be still growing, but Parker is undoubtedly already one of the best players in team history and would undoubtedly be featured as the starting point for the San Antonio Spurs dream team.

Starting Shooting Guard: George Gervin

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    1974 - 1985

    George Gervin was San Antonio's first true star, and even today, the Iceman remains one of the most revered in Spurs history.

    As one of the greatest scorers that the league has ever witnessed, Gervin would be a valuable asset to any team and would be one of the most prominent offensive members on a Spurs dream team.

    His numerable scoring titles and All-Star appearances are proof of his pure excellence as a ball player, and his status as a Hall of Famer makes it evident that Gervin is not only a top player in team history, but he's a recognized star throughout the league.

    The all-time Spurs team would be a force to reckoned with, and leading the offense would be No. 44.

Starting Small Forward: Sean Elliott

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    1989 - 1993, 1994 - 2001

    Sean Elliott was a member of the Spurs' 1999 Championship team, but his true dominance came during the earlier stages of his renowned career.

    Averaging over 20 points during the height of his career, Elliott was a proven performer who could not only fill up the stat sheet but bring the crowd to their feet.

    Spurs fans will most associate his name with the famed "Memorial Day Miracle," in which Elliott's impossible three helped the team top the Portland Trail Blazers in the '99 Western Conference finals.

    His number was retired by the Spurs as a result of his talents, and his place on the all-time Spurs team would be well-deserved.

Starting Power Forward: Tim Duncan

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    1997 - present

    The easiest choice for this list was Tim Duncan.

    Since joining the roster after the 1997 draft, Duncan has changed the game of basketball entirely while building up a noteworthy résumé in the process.

    In addition to his two regular-season MVP nods, Duncan has led the team to four NBA championships, winning the Finals MVP in all but one.

    His additional 14 All-Star appearances will help to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats and unquestionably the best player in Spurs history.

Starting Center: David Robinson

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    1989 - 2003

    Though Duncan may be the best Spurs of all time, ranking very close behind is David Robinson.

    The Hall of Fame center was only able to add two rings to his collection, both of which were obtained in the latter stages of his career, but Robinson's talent and athleticism helped him to garner the reputation as one of the greatest centers to ever set foot on the hardwood.

    His accomplishments range from a scoring title to being named to several All-NBA defensive squads, and his MVP award prove his worth as an overall star.

    As one of the top big men to ever play the game, Robinson, who was a member of the 1992 US Olympic Dream Team, would be a no-brainer for the Spurs dream team.

Backup Guard: Manu Ginobili

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    2002 - Present

    When Manu Ginobili joined the San Antonio Spurs as a late second-round draft choice, few could have predicted what was to come.

    Ginobili soon became one of the biggest draft steals of all time, proving to be a legitimate star en route to a potential Hall of Fame nod.

    The Argentinian phenom has proven to be one of the top guards in team history and is one of the better shooting guards of his generation.

    His career with the Spurs may be winding to a close, but throughout the course of his esteemed tenure, Ginobili has been twice selected to an All-Star squad while participating in three of the Spurs' four franchise championship teams.

    He's well known as an explosive scorer off the bench, and Ginobili would reprise his role as a star sixth man for the Spurs' all-time squad. 

Backup Guard: Avery Johnson

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    1990 - 2001

    If it wasn't for Tony Parker, Avery Johnson would have been featured as the premier point guard.

    With his number retired by the Spurs, Johnson is remembered fondly by fans as one of the most instrumental members of the 1999 championship team.

    He may not have the career achievements as other Spurs greats, but Johnson's impact on the squad cannot go unrecognized.

    His lengthy tenure and the talent he displayed throughout it are proof that the "Little General" deserves a spot on the dream team.

Backup Guard: James Silas

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    1972 - 1981

    James Silas' career with the San Antonio Spurs dates back to the days when they were known as the Dallas Chaparrals.

    Along with Gervin, Silas helped to give the Spurs a strong franchise start in the NBA, and he and Gervin put on quite a show during their time on the team.

    He was elected to the exclusive All-ABA team and continued his dominance in the NBA after the merger. 

    For his talents, Silas' jersey hangs in the rafters of the AT&T Center, and No. 13 would definitely be featured on the Spurs' all-time roster.

Backup Guard: Alvin Robertson

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    1984 - 1989

    Alvin Robertson may have only played with the Spurs for five years, but in that time, he left a lasting impression on the organization.

    Three of his four All-Star Game selections—in addition to his lone Defensive Player of the Year award—were earned during his time with the team.

    Whether it be his 19.5 points per game during the height of his career or the quadruple-double he recorded while on the team, Robertson had a strong career with the Spurs and deserves a spot on their all-time roster.

Backup Frontcourt: Bruce Bowen

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    2001 - 2009

    Every great team needs a defensive specialist, and Bruce Bowen was the Spurs' top stopper for a long period of time.

    Sure, some of his plays may have been dirty, but for the most part, Bowen was a lockdown defender and was recognized throughout the league as one of the best.

    His defense was rewarded with five All-NBA Defensive First Team selections in addition to three appearances on the second team.

    As a member of three of their most recent championships, Bowen's time in San Antonio was rewarded with the retiring of his number, making him a clear-cut decision for their all-time team.

Backup Frontcourt: Artis Gilmore

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    1982 - 1987

    Artis Gilmore's name may not be immediately associated with the San Antonio Spurs, but throughout his five years with the team, he accomplished a lot.

    Two of his six All-Star appearances came during his time in the Alamo City, and while he wasn't the juggernaut that he was in the ABA, Gilmore was still incredibly impressive with the Spurs.

    He may be better remembered for his time in the ABA, but his short career with the Spurs should not be overlooked.

Backup Frontcourt: Larry Kenon

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    1975 - 1980

    Similarly to Gilmore, Larry Kenon's career in San Antonio lasted only five years, but in those five years, he left his mark on the team.

    An explosive and talented player, Kenon averaged 20 points in four seasons with the team, in addition to averaging over 10 rebounds in two of those seasons.

    Alongside Gervin, Kenon was named to two All-Star squads while with the team, the only two of his career.

    Though his time with the Spurs was short-lived, Kenon enjoyed the better years of his career with the franchise and deserves the utmost recognition for his contributions.