Oklahoma HS Basketball Player's Layup Gaffe Gives Playoff Win to Other Team

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 8, 2013

Trey Johnson just suffered a nightmare gaffe that cost his school a playoff game. 

The Oklahoman (h/t USA Today) reports on Thursday night's Class 3A Oklahoma high school quarterfinals between Hugo and Millwood. 

It was the final play of the night that we sincerely hope Johnson will soon allow himself to forget. 

Hugo was leading with mere seconds on the clock, 37-36. The ball was inbounded to Hugo guard Trey Johnson, who then retreated to his basket. Instead of wasting clock or getting fouled, Johnson tossed in a layup for the other team—a buzzer-beater that gave the playoff win to the opponent. 

Millwood won, 38-37. 

As you watch the video, you might have the same thought offered by Millwood assistant coach David Samilton: "When I saw the kid going that way, I was like, ‘No, he's not. No, he's not...Oh, yes he is.'"

Any of us who played sports in any form cringe at the thought of missing the big shot or making a defensive error in a clutch moment. For Johnson, the nightmare scenario was worse. 

The only thing this kid needs now is perspective. This is just one game and one moment of many in his life; a million more will be positive to trump this one blunder. 

The worst part of the video are those in the background proclaiming, "He's stupid."

No, he is not stupid. He is human, which, as we all know, comes with a great deal of baggage—most notably the propensity to make mistakes. 

An amateur athlete is afforded one gift we don't grant professional athletes: He gets a pass for such mistakes and can now chalk this up to a harsh life lesson. 

Any Hugo fans who want to vilify his mistake should stay quiet, because I am sure the kid is putting himself through hell at the moment. 

Samilton continues, via USA Today, "I feel sorry for him. Just like Chris Webber, when he called the timeout. I really do feel sorry for him."

The only thing we can offer is a modicum of positivity. Chin up, because we all make mistakes. 


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