11 Players with Big Attitude Problems in the NHL

Tom Urtz Jr.@@TomUrtzJrContributor IMarch 10, 2013

11 Players with Big Attitude Problems in the NHL

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    In the NHL, there is no shortage of colorful players who love to show some snarl and attitude, but which ones have some of the biggest attitude problems in the NHL?

    Some players are short with the media, ooze arrogance or are just known for having bad attitudes.

    Here are some of the worst offenders in the NHL when it comes to their attitudes.

Brad Marchand

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    Brad Marchand is a feisty player who is known for his diving and his tendency to run his mouth.

    There have been times when Marchand has shown arrogance and attitude when disciplined by the league, and it is something that makes him one of the league's most despised players.

P.K. Subban

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    P.K. Subban is a young defenseman known for his swagger, but it could be interpreted as arrogance, depending on your opinion of him.

    The youngster held out for a contract at the beginning of the season, even though he has not fully proven himself. 

    He has a ton of talent, but he could stand to be a little more humble until he establishes himself more as an NHL defenseman.

Patrick Kaleta

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    Patrick Kaleta is one of the league's most despised players, and his attitude and arrogance don't earn him any points with his colleagues around the league. 

    His headbutt that earned him a four-game suspension was the worst thing he had done to date, before the Buffalo Sabres squared off with the New York Rangers last week.

    When Matt Cooke ended Erik Karlsson's season with a freak injury that occurred along the boards, he reached out to Karlsson, after the fact, in apology.

    Kaleta has a history for showing disregard for other players, and after he sent Brad Richards into the boards in a violent manner, he chose not to apologize and attempted to justify his actions.

Tim Thomas

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    Tim Thomas is one of the league's more outspoken players, and his attitude and political opinions led to his departure from the Boston Bruins.

    With the New York Islanders, Thomas has continued his sabbatical, even though the Islanders could probably use him as a backup with Rick DiPietro out of the picture.

Evander Kane

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    Evander Kane has earned quite a reputation in Winnipeg, and it isn't a great one. Many people have taken shots at Kane for having a bad attitude and showing arrogance after skipping out on a bill at a restaurant and after he sent out an infamous tweet.

    There is no denying his talent, but Kane could really stand to improve his image and attitude.

Alex Ovechkin

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    At times, Alex Ovechkin has been called out for his bad attitude when it comes to his performance on the ice and his overall approach to playing.

    A few weeks ago, Ovechkin was called out on NBC for his lackluster effort, his embellishing and his attitude.

    Although Ovechkin is a very talented player, at times, it is fair to question his attitude and work ethic. 

Lubomir Visnovsky

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    Lubomir Visnovsky avoided coming to the New York Islanders as long as he could, but he ultimately had to join the team. 

    Visnovsky tried getting the trade voided multiple times, and when his wish wasn't granted, he refused to report and attempted to stay in the KHL.

    It wasn't fair to the Islanders at the time because, as a team, they really could have used his skills a lot earlier than they got them.

Mike Smith

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    Mike Smith is an intense player, and he usually has trouble controlling his emotions and attitude. At times during the game, he will break his stick, slash at players or get a little feisty and kick off the net.

    Smith is a solid goaltender, but he needs to control his emotions and show opponents that they can't break him.

Maxim Lapierre

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    Maxim Lapierre is a player who is infamous around the league for his antics and ability to be a pest, and he has been called out for his attitude in the past.

    Lapierre has a feisty personality, but he draws a lot of criticism from fans and other players around the league.

Sidney Crosby

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    The NHL's top star used to be one of the league's biggest divers, but he has moved past that part of his game.

    However, Sidney Crosby is a player who, at times, comes off as arrogant to others, and the media has called him out for his attitude.

    Whether it's Don Cherry, or Mike Milbury, there is no shortage of individuals waiting to take a shot at Crosby because of his attitude problems.

Joe Thornton

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    Joe Thornton is a talented player, but he has a tendency to run his mouth. There were his infamous comments about the New York Rangers last season, and then there was this moment on the ice in which he acted arrogantly toward Henrik Sedin.

    No matter how you look at it, sometimes Jumbo Joe has those moments with his attitude toward other teams and opponents.