Citi Of Nightmares: Padres Spoil Mets Home Opener

Sergio ValdezContributor IIOctober 22, 2016

The third pitch. It was the third ever pitch in Citi Field history that Padres centerfeilder Jody Gerut hit into the right field stands. It would be a roller coaster ride for there on out for the Mets who ended up losing to the Padres 6-5 in the Citi Field opener.

Though the loss was tough, and left many fans unhappy(myself included), you have to just think about everything other then the actual baseball game. There were many great moments last night despite the loss. Tom Seaver's throwing out the first pitch at Citi Field to Mike Piazza, and throwing a strike, David Wright tying the game on a three run homerun over that huge wall in left field. Even just walking around Citi Field looking at the view of that $800 million dollar ballpark.


It was a breath taking sight, a site though, that was made bitter sweet with the Mets loss. Mike Pelfrey struggled all night tossing five innings and giving up five runs. The first two homeruns in Citi Field history both came of the bat of San Diego players, Jody Gerut and Adrian Gonzalez. David Wright came up with a game tying home-run in the fifth inning, but in the seventh inning the Padres scored on a balk by Mets reliever Pedro Felicano. It came after Mets rightfielder Ryan Church misplayed a fly ball allowing the Padres base runner to advance to third. It was the second day in a row that a dropped fly ball cost the Mets the ball game.

Reyes popped out to third and the Mets would lose their first game at Citi field. The Mets relived in their Citi opener what happened in the first ever game played at Shea Stadium some 45 years ago. They lost that game to the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the first person to homer at Shea was also a visitor, Hall of Famer Willie Stargell. It seems they continued that trend on Monday.


After the game, a lot of fans had a difficult time leaving the ballpark. Fans complained about the fact that it took a very long time to exit the stadium. Fans who were leaving from the parking lot had a hard time getting to the gates. The Mets had a ton of complaints from fans. Some fans complained that there wasn't enough anything Mets. It felt more like Citi Field was the home of the Brooklyn Dodgers then the New York Mets.

Citi Field is full of billboards and advertisements and it seemed nothing about the Mets . Another thing is that people in left couln't see the out of town score board. Fans had to get up and turn around to view the scoreboard which was very annoying for the fans.

I think the Mets must listen to the fans complaints so they can improve the experience at Citi Field. There were mixed feelings at Citi Field and there many firsts at Citi Field, but right now the Mets need to get their first win at this new park and improve the experience at Citi so the fans can start feeling at home just like at Shea for all those years. Hopefully the inaugural season at Citi Field will be a memorable one. Maybe a year were they win a championship, but this young season is long from over, so we have to wait and see.