WWE News: Potential WrestleMania Plans for Team Hell No

Gone Baby GoneContributerMarch 8, 2013

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Interesting news coming from the WWE's tag team front, as it appears the company may be keeping its tag champs together longer than anyone expected.

For several weeks now, fans have been witnessing what appeared to be the demise of Team Hell No.

Apparently, that may not be the case, as WrestlingInc.com reports, "There has been talk recently in WWE of having Daniel Bryan and Kane defend the WWE tag team championship at WrestleMania and doing the angle there to split the team up for good."

Overall, I am a bit torn by this news. Ultimately, it would make sense for the two to settle their differences at 'Mania. However, it also makes sense for them to drop the titles at the event and allow the new champs to have their "WrestleMania Moment."

It would also allow the company a chance to give Kane and Daniel Bryan a set match at Extreme Rules. That being said, I feel that the best choice for the company would be to have them drop the belts at WrestleMania.

Not only would it give fans something to look forward to in May, it would also give this feud some extra buildup. Don't get me wrong, I realize these two could self-destruct at any moment, but having a loss at "The Granddaddy of Them All" can be a real bruise to the ego and would allow both a chance to blame the other for the loss.

That being said, to me, there are really only two teams that would be legit contenders for the titles.

The first being Team Rhodes Scholars—even though they recently broke up, it appears the two are back together again and ready for a fight.

The other option is The New Age Outlaws. Yes, they are past their prime, but they still get a pop and can go in the ring. So having them as a short-term answer might not be the worst thing. Especially considering they can work with any younger team and give that team a nice push in order to pass the torch.

In the end, nothing is set in stone here and we will have to wait and see what the company has in store for this team.