Debate: When Should Miami Start Resting the Starters?

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Debate: When Should Miami Start Resting the Starters?
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The Heat are in the midst of a lengthy win streak. They've likely locked up the top spot in the Eastern Conference so when should they start thinking about resting their starters?


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Don't rest them whatsoever... i don't care about the streak and I'm pretty sure none of the Heat players care about it either as a championship is the...
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i dont believe in resting players and the heat shouldnt either maybe cut wade down to 25 bosh 30 lebron 35 allen 20 let birdman get 20 so hes in top s...
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and I say forget the overall top seed because the overall top seed has to play 3 straight away games in the Finals. that was OKC's downfall, we can be...
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They should stay the course. The players have put much effort in keeping streak going and to abandon it now would affect morale. When win streak ends...
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Don't rest them, "relax them", have then only play minimum minutes and have the bench play more. Have the starters "help" he bench. This way, if any i...
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