WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 8, 2013

WWE's Greatest Hits of the Week on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and More

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    The Undertaker returned, The Rock met a president and Daniel Bryan initiated a beard-growing competition. The excitement of another fun WWE week was dampered, though, by the passing of William Moody aka Paul Bearer.

    Wrestling stars of today and yesterday took to social media to pay tribute to the memorable manager.

    Wrestling journalist Bill Apter called Moody, "a sweet, wonderful, human being loved by all." WWE released a moving tribute video in his honor.

    From Feb. 28 to March 8, let's have a look at what other WWE-related happenings social media was buzzing about.

Feb. 28: Make-a-Wish

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    WWE and Make-A-Wish have had a strong bond over the years, particularly with John Cena. Cena has now fulfilled over 300 wishes.

    On its Facebook page, WWE posted photos of a recent Make-A-Wish event. Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton and of course, Cena took part. WWE linked to an extensive photo gallery on its website.

    Mysterio, who fans haven't seen much of in the ring lately, is clearly keeping busy in terms of charity work.  At the Feb. 27 event, Mysterio granted three wishes for three lucky youngsters.

March 1: The Rock Meets the President of Panama

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    If anyone had any doubts about The Rock's star power, one only need look at his recent tweet of himself posing with Panamanian president, Ricardo Alberto Martinelli.

    The WWE champ took a break from filming The Hero to take advantage of this photo op.

    WWE no doubt loves to see its star hobnobbing with foreign elected officials. Expanding the brand to every corner of the world is easier with someone as huge as The Rock drawing attention to himself, and by default WWE.

    Enjoyed hangin' w/ the President of Panama @rmartinelli on set of THE HERO. Gracias mi hermano. twitter.com/TheRock/status…

    — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) March 1, 2013

March 4: Old School Raw

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    Monday's Raw saw WWE turn back the clock for its old school edition of the show.

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Mae Young made appearances, but the most interesting element of the themed episode was the return to an older look. WWE used a throwback logo and set design to bring fans back a few years.

    WWE posted pics on Instagram of Matt Striker in front of the old logo and the old Raw set in all its red boldness.

March 5: Beard-Off

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    Daniel Bryan and Oakland Athletics outfielder Josh Reddick are now officially embroiled in a battle of the beards.

    Bryan, one half of the tag team champions, initiated a challenge on Twitter to see who could grow the biggest beard. Bryan has since spent plenty of his free time talking smack via Twitter to Reddick.

    SFGate quoted Reddick as saying, "This should be fun. It'll be interesting to see how I interact with him. I'm already getting trash talking from his fan base saying I have no shot."

    He's exactly right, it should be fun. Blending the real world and the one that WWE creates is always interesting.

    As a bonus, Bryan should continue to look even more like a goat regardless if he wins or loses.

    I hereby challenge @joshreddick16 to a beard-off til years end. Fans vote, loser shaves it off. #BeardOff twitter.com/WWEDanielBryan…

    — Daniel Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan) March 5, 2013

    Also, I encourage my followers to mock @joshreddick16 ‘s beard at every opportunity, and let him know that I alone am #KingOfBeards

    — Daniel Bryan (@WWEDanielBryan) March 5, 2013

March 6: Undertaker Returns

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    WrestleMania 29 just got a whole lot more interesting. Undertaker is back for the big event.

    WWE's Facebook was alive with info and buzz about the Deadman's return. The company changed its Facebook cover photo to a shot of The Undertaker.

    It posted an intriguing article about how Undertaker's former opponents feel about his return. In it, Big Show said of Taker, "I'll say it on record, I don't care what anyone says. I think he's the best ever in the ring, period."

    WWE also posted a match preview about CM Punk and Undertaker's upcoming WrestleMania battle.

March 6: Tommy Dreamer's Tribute to Paul Bearer

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    Many WWE alums took to Twitter to express their sympathy for William Moody. Tommy Dreamer decided to post an old photo of him, bringing back tons of memories.

    Before he was the urn-clutching Paul Bearer, Moody was Percy Pringle III, manager of such greats as Rick Rude and Steve Austin.

    Dreamer's tweeted photo acts as a mini-time machine, taking fans back to Moody's early days, helping us remember Moody's pre-WWE accomplishments.

    I 1st saw Percy Pringle III in World Class hated him so much. He did his job so well. He then became Paul Bearer twitter.com/THETOMMYDREAME…

    — Tommy Dreamer (@THETOMMYDREAMER) March 6, 2013

March 7: Miz and Michelle Beadle

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    Former co-host of SportsNation, Michelle Beadle now hosts The Crossover, a show on NBC Sports that blends pop culture and sports.

    The Miz was a recent guest. According to Beadle,"“he sucks at making football picks."

    Beadle is almost fun on Twitter as she is on TV. She is a fan of WWE and consistently tweets during Raw.

    Miz was funny and charismatic on the show. He discussed whether the Rock Bottom or the Tombstone is a better finisher and why Rob Gronkowski would make an awesome WWE superstar.

    Next year Beadle NEXT YEAR RT @michelledbeadle: Best. Guest. Ever. @mikethemiz And he sucks at making football picks. twitter.com/MichelleDBeadl…

    — The Miz (@mikethemiz) March 7, 2013

March 7: X-Pac's Contract

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    The man known as X-Pac, The 1-2-3 Kid or Sean Waltman let the Twitter world know that he's signed a WWE Legends contract.

    That should mean sporadic appearances by the former D-Generation member.

    There are certainly bigger stars from the Attitude Era to stir up fans' nostalgia, but having Waltman around should be fun. At age 40, he is not nearly as old as some of the legends who stop by for a match or two.

    It'll be interesting to see how he's utilized. Will he be used to put somebody over or just infuse some fun into Raw or SmackDown?


    Im proud to be able to announce that I just recieved the executed copy of my WWE Legends Contract moments ago. I'm humbled by this honor.

    — Sean Waltman (@TheRealXPac) March 7, 2013