TUF 17's Uriah Hall Slams UFC and FX Producers: 'Editing S*** Is Killing Me'

Hunter HomistekCorrespondent IMarch 8, 2013

CREDIT: smithtownmixedmartialarts.com
CREDIT: smithtownmixedmartialarts.com

The Ultimate Fighter camera crew might want to watch out for spinning kicks. 

They've been known to do some damage, ya know. 

As the latest season of the UFC's popular reality TV show plays out, Uriah Hall becomes the villain and the outcast little by little, show by show. 

Despite his unquestionable talents inside the cage, Hall plays the part of the "loner" and the "d-bag" around the house and at group functions. 

According to Hall, this depiction is a result of the producers' editing and does not accurately reflect how his time on the show went down. 

The middleweight striking sensation took to Facebook to clear the air on recent episodes: "wtf is up with these episodes lol all I wanted was to win a competition and I'm the bad guy haha this editing shit is killing me now I'm the sensitive guy with issues?"

Without actually spending time in the house during filming, it is impossible to know which story more accurately portrays the season's proceedings. 

TUF is a reality show, after all, and it would not surprise fans to learn of some shady editing tactics to boost ratings. 

Hall then bounced back from this tirade to tease the upcoming episodes, stating, "Keep watching thow (sic) I'm interested to see how this character plays out."

Is Hall in the finals, and is the UFC intentionally marketing him as the bad guy so that he can already have the fans' full attention upon the show's completion? 

Right now, only a select few people know for sure, but if you do believe this to be the case, you are not alone. 

Browse through this Reddit entry to see what people are saying about Hall's fate on the show. 

Whether he is in the finals or not, one thing is clear: This guy is stealing the show both inside and outside the Octagon.


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