10 MMA Walkout Songs We Never Want to Hear Again

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10 MMA Walkout Songs We Never Want to Hear Again
Photo credit: Last.fm

MMA fighters are the keepers of certain societal goods. They preserve our connection to the primal, our rapidly deteriorating relationship with our ancestors. They provide a certain purity of competition—victory and defeat delivered in the most unequivocal terms—that is increasingly difficult to find in our cubicle-ized, demasculinated society.

They also keep a lot of bad songs alive. Fighters seem to have designated themselves the protectors of super garbage-y music—and more power to them. But being a person who, you know, enjoys good music, I feel some of these songs have hit their limit. 

These are the 10 biggest culprits that I want to go away. How did I choose them? Well, they're either bad songs, overdone songs, completely inappropriate for an entrance song songs, or some combination of the preceding.

Song videos provided for each slide. Gratitude accepted in cash payments only.

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