Can the Vancouver Canucks Make the Stanley Cup Finals?

Brad LepperContributor IMarch 31, 2008

Now everyone has completely written off the Canucks as Stanley Cup contenders and it pisses me off. The Canucks have the best chance in my opinion to go all the way they will slaughter Detroit in the first round, demolish either San Jose or Colrado in the second round, and sweep Anaheim in the Western Conference Championship. Then when they reach the Finals they will lose in seven games to the Habs. Reasons I beleve this is that everybody says you have to have great goaltending in the playoffs; the Canucks have the best in the world right now in Louie (Roberto Luongo). You need scoring from all lines: the Canucks are scoring right through their entire lineup from Naslund to Isbister. You need a clutch player: Canucks have Mr.Clutch in Linden. You need solid defense: if Bieksa, Ohlund, Salo, Kracjiek, Miller, Weaver isn't solid D then no one in the NHL except Anaheim has solid D.