Daniel Bryan's $100 Grab: It's All About the Details in the WWE Universe

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Daniel Bryan's $100 Grab: It's All About the Details in the WWE Universe
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Having so many legends present on this past Monday Night Raw was very special, but Daniel Bryan helped to enhance “The Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase’s appearance even more with a small dose of comedy. Promising to potentially manage the Prime Time Players if they could defeat Team Hell No, Dibiase watched the match ringside. His gaze over the match from a neutral corner definitely made the frequently seen matchup at least slightly more interesting.

No stranger to tag teams in action and as a manger, Dibiase watched the matchup between the champions (Team Hell No) and the seemingly number one contenders (the Prime Time Players) who defeated Team Hell No on the previous Smackdown. Yes, Kane had a mask on over his mask, and Daniel Bryan had one arm tied behind his back, but still, the Prime Time Players netted a win over Team Hell No. 

Team Hell No confidently defeated the Prime Time Players when Kane chokeslammed Darren Young leading to Dibiase returning to his “Million Dollar Man” roots and stuffing a $100 bill into the mouth of “No Days Off” Darren Young. Selling the $100 bill perfectly, Young pretended to choke on it.

Capping off this return to his former persona, Dibiase proceeded to give his patented “Million Dollar Man” arrogant laugh as "Money, Money, Money, Money, Money" rang through Buffalo's First Niagara Center. Hearing Dibiase's famous laugh brought a smile to my face, as I remembered trying to imitate his signature laugh as a child. 

If the nostalgic return of “The Million Dollar Man” was not enough, Daniel Bryan bridged the past era with the current era with what he did next.

Upon leaving the ring after their win, Bryan slyly looked and saw the $100 bill in Young’s mouth. Bryan, who proceeded to walk back down the ramp behind Kane, turned around only after a couple steps to sneak back to Darren Young, still motionless in the ring, and grab the $100 bill out of his mouth. 

The expression on Daniel Bryan’s face was priceless. The $100 bill might as well have been a million dollars, because Daniel Bryan really looked like he had accomplished something on an epic level. He not only took the money, but stuffed it into his trunks. On his way back down the ramp, Bryan even double checked to make sure that it really was a $100 bill. This action perfectly captured Daniel Bryan as a sneak who will do whatever it takes to get ahead of others in any way.

What made this tiny act even better was that Bryan did it far away from Kane out of fear. Kane has played the role of the straight man perfectly to Daniel Bryan's comedic follies. If Kane would have witnessed this act of theft on Bryan's part, he most likely would have stepped in to some degree even if only to ask, "What are you doing?" 

Daniel Bryan’s persona in WWE is that of a paranoid neurotic who is supremely talented, but falls prey to his own selfish vices. Jealousy is what fuels Bryan’s WWE character, and this devious characteristic is most humorous when used in situations like this one. The need to win takes over Daniel Bryan to the point of taking money out of the mouth of a fallen opponent. Not only did Team Hell No win, but Bryan put his own exclamation point on it by pocketing Ted Dibiase’s money.

Of course, Bryan is not just a character or a persona. At any point he can turn a mediocre match into a technical masterpiece, which is precisely why he is so great in the role he plays. It is a paradox that someone so technically skilled at his craft would need to resort to stealing a $100 bill, but in the WWE Universe, this makes Daniel Bryan a multi-faceted superstar. 

There is no need for Daniel Bryan to become the next Repo Man obviously. His tragic flaw is jealousy and hopefully, that will continue to seep out in small, yet creative ways. 

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