Twitter Reacts to Richard Sherman Debating Skip Bayless on ESPN

Tim KeeneyContributor IMarch 7, 2013

Richard Sherman has never been shy. 

Whether he was taking on future Hall of Famer Tom Brady, shutdown corner Darrelle Revis or just unknowing fans in New Orleans, he has always done what he wants and said whatever has been on his mind.  

Just take this exclusive video he did for Bleacher Report as an example:

That charisma hasn't exactly rubbed everyone the right way, but there's no denying it has given the public some truly entertaining moments. 

Well, the Seattle Seahawks cornerback has given us yet another gem: On Thursday afternoon, he went on First Take and, to put it lightly, made it clear he wasn't the biggest fan of controversial host Skip Bayless:

As it tends to do with anything Sherman- or Bayless-related, Twitter chimed in with full force. 


Twitter Reaction

Following his appearance, Sherman made it abundantly clear how little he cared about the opinions of others, Bayless or otherwise:

As for the reactions, they were varied. First, Rotoworld's Evan Silva, Q13 Fox's Aaron Levine and CBS Sports' Pete Prisco gave us an account of what happened:

Some fans were on board with Sherman's performance. This one suggested what many have been wishing upon Bayless for a long time:

Another fan gained a new-found respect for the polarizing star:

Many weren't nearly as thrilled. This fan summed it up with one word:

This one summed it up with a few more:

Make sure to let us know what you think. Did Sherman go over the line, or was he right in speaking his mind—again?