UFC 158 Conference Call: Nick Diaz Proves GSP Really Does Have a 'Dark Place'

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UFC 158 Conference Call: Nick Diaz Proves GSP Really Does Have a 'Dark Place'
Finally showing their teeth, Georges St-Pierre and Nick Diaz ripped into each other on the UFC 158 media call. (Photo Credit: UFC/Zuffa)

Hearing welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre get angry is an extremely unusual thing, but UFC star Nick Diaz is a truly unusual man.

In a surprisingly heated conference call, Diaz and GSP absolutely tore into each other (UFC.com via MMA Heat), dishing out heavy trash talk, making fun of each other's accents and outright threatening to beat each other down.

That's right, both of them—not just Diaz.

(And yes, I was very, very wrong about their grudge being a big fat lie.) 

Heck, the trash-talk flew so fast on the UFC 158 call, a silent Carlos Condit eventually hung up on the call, while Nate Marquardt and Jake Ellenberger didn't even get to say a single thing.

"Rush" gave as good as he got, too, calling Diaz an "uneducated fool" and more, screaming over the phone as the verbal fight escalated.

In short, it was everything that this feud needed right from the start.

Is Nick Diaz in GSP's head?

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Anger. Heat. True, unhinged animosity.

Moreover, that's a side of St-Pierre that not even Josh Koscheck could bring out over six weeks of bullying on the set of The Ultimate Fighter.

Ladies and gentlemen, the jokes are over.

Georges St-Pierre definitely has a "dark place" inside of him.

It's real—no longer just hype, not just a Twitter meme; no longer a punchline from a generic UFC ad.

Now that we finally know the champion can lose his cool, the upcoming UFC welterweight title fight at Montreal's Bell Centre got 10 times more interesting.

Has Nick Diaz finally gotten into GSP's head?

Or is the Stockton rebel just digging himself a even deeper grave than before?

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