The Rumor Mill Apr. 14-15

Celeste WinchesterSenior Analyst IApril 14, 2009

Hi people and welcome to another episode of the Rumor Mill.

Let’s get started shall we?

The Draft

Is there anyone besides me that is getting sick of the Orton McMahon saga trailers?
I swear it has numbed me to the point of me considering placing Bamboo shoots under my fingernails so that I can feel something.

Well I can honestly say there were no earth shattering surprises
So Batista wants retribution on Orton taking him out
Did anyone really expect anything else?
But wait it does not stop there Shane also wants retribution , fine that was expected just when you think it is over Hunter comes out and guess what he is after?
Yep you guessed it retribution.
Can’t say I am happy about Vickie’s solution.
Moving on...
I must say I was very impressed with Evan Bourne that guy is magic.
My hat’s off to Jack Swagger also what a match , he really held his own against Cena
Anyway here’s a look at each brand’s acquisitions:


Triple H (from Smackdown)
The Big Show (from Smackdown)
MVP (from Smackdown)
Matt Hardy (from Smackdown)
The Miz (from ECW)
Maryse (from Smackdown)


Chris Jericho (from Raw)
Rey Mysterio (from Raw)
CM Punk (from Raw)
Kane (from Raw)
Melina (from Raw)

Vladimir Kozlov (from Smackdown)

Superstars Diva’s and Icons

JBL has hit back at rumors that he left WWE on bad terms. He stated, “It is the complete opposite I left on the best of terms.”


Cody Rhodes told that the recent black eye he was sporting was courtesy of Shane McMahon. "This happened on Raw the other night," Rhodes said. "It was from the first punch of Shane McMahon The McMahon's and The Legacy, it didn't go well for me."
On the latest video game he stated:

"They made me way too small in the last 'Smackdown,'" he says. "I actually just played the 'Legends of Wrestlemania' game and imported myself so I can play against my dad, and they made my dad huge. He's not that much bigger than me. I've seen him every day for my entire life.

"I'll tell you, though, there are some creepy resemblances. There is a mole on my chest that made it in the game. They do a really top, first class job putting that together. They just need to add a few more muscles to my guy next time around."

Full article here

Way to go Shane.
Interesting I play all the games and I thought they pretty much got him spot on delusions of grandeur I would say.


MVP has given an interview to the in which he talks candidly about how a prison guard helped to turn his life around
Here are some highlights

You got into wrestling in prison because of a fellow inmate. Is that right?

“Actually it was one of the guards – he was an independent wrestler and would bring in video tapes and title belts. I was at work release, which is when you're at the end of your prison sentence and you stay at a facility and work at a regular job out in the community.

"He told me he'd take me in his ring and teach me a bit. Needless to say the rest is history.”

Have you ever had a bad injury?

“I haven't had any injury that could put me out of the ring for an extended period of time. Before I got to the WWE when I was on the Independent team, I had my orbital cracked once so that was pretty tough.

But even that didn't keep me out of the ring. I've been fortunate so far that I've had no serious breaks or tears or anything along those lines.”

Full interview here

Behind the scenes

Two Dark matches were taped before RAW
Dolph Zigger vs.Goldust
Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Kurt Hawkins

The first match was taped for Superstars
The Undertaker vs. Matt Hardy

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, one of the reasons given as to why ECW Champion Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne were not booked for matches at WrestleMania 25 was due some company officials feeling they hadn't been in the business long enough to earn a spot on the biggest show of the year.

Well I certainly hope they would have paid their dues by the next PPV That’s the most ridicules thing I have heard

E60 interview

Vince told the interviewer when the interviewer started to asked him a question about the future of WWE, and the day when VKM is "no longer in the picture."  Vince cut him off by saying,

"well, that's not going to, I'm probably never going to die, so, you know,  I'll always be around, somehow.  At least, those are my plans, I think."

Aha, I knew it Vince has been watching too much Futurama and plans to be a head in a jar.

Well that’s it for today; stay turned for more rumors, news and gossip.


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