WWE WrestleMania XXIX: Which Match Should Main Event the Show?

Elliott BinksSenior Writer IIIMarch 7, 2013

WWE WrestleMania XXIX: Which Match Should Main Event the Show?

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    With WrestleMania 29 just over four weeks away, we already have three upper-card clashes announced for the event.

    The Rock vs. John Cena, Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger and The Undertaker vs. CM Punk have each been booked already, while Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar has all but been confirmed as well.

    The top two title matches as well as a pair of high-stakes grudge matches; any of which would be worthy of headlining a pay-per-view.

    But which one deserves to headline the show of all shows, WrestleMania?

    This article takes a closer look at each of the four matches in question; discussing which one should earn the right to close the show at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger

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    It’s no secret that the World Heavyweight Championship is no longer on a level standing with the WWE Title.

    In fact, the former has been defended in the opening bout of the past two WrestleMania’s—still an honorable slot, but hardly the conventional placement for a World Championship match.

    However, a flurry of mainstream attention has vastly bolstered the relevance of the World Heavyweight Championship—something that hasn’t been the case for a number of years now.

    This attention has largely been the result of Jack Swagger’s new “Real American” gimmick, which has sparked controversy for its racist and xenophobic undertones. Having him challenge a Mexican has only added fuel to the fire in this delicate situation.

    As a result, the world title seems to matter again and is thus deserving of one of the top spots at this year’s WrestleMania.

    However WWE logic would suggest that we may see this match-up open the show once again, and while it would be a great way to kick of the evening I can’t help but feel that this storyline—and the prestigious belt itself—are deserving of more.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

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    Though not officially confirmed for ’Mania, I’d rate this one as certain to be shortly announced as the fourth match on the event’s card.

    And though it may be a rematch of last year’s SummerSlam main event, the duo’s brutal exchange on Raw recently gives me hope that this feud will deliver and surpass the performance of their last encounter.

    The star power and attraction of Brock Lesnar, and potentially the influence of Triple H—given his backstage role—means that this one could well be a contender to finish the show.

    However I see this one coming a little earlier in the proceedings, much like The Game’s clash with The Undertaker last year came in the middle of the show.

    Placing this one in a similar slot would probably be the best option as it would greatly add to the strength of the mid-card; however an appearance towards the end of the show is by no means out of the question.

The Rock vs. John Cena

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    The decision to repeat last year’s main event has not been an entirely popular choice by any stretch of the imagination.

    But much like Lesnar vs. Triple H II, recent developments on Raw have shown a different dynamic, and thus this one could well surpass many people’s expectations.

    For starters, the fact that this one is for the WWE Championship makes it a strong favorite to close the show, but should the WWE allow the same two stars to headline two consecutive ‘Manias?

    Personally, I would have to say no.

    There are plenty of others deserving of such a role, who as a result may unfortunately not be able to realize such a dream.

    However, the question of who should close the show is rather different to that of who will close the show, and I remain confident that the WWE will go with Rock vs. Cena II to end the night.

    It’s not a decision I agree with, but I can see the WWE’s logic.

The Undertaker vs CM Punk

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    While this may be another non-title match, the fact that the Undertaker is involved makes it arguably the biggest match of the entire calendar year.

    Furthermore, CM Punk is coming off one of the most impressive two-year spells that the company has ever seen.

    For those reasons alone, this match deserves to close the show.

    Furthermore, given The Undertaker’s health issues and his visible decline in the past few years, the WWE faces a scary truth in that this could be the Phenom’s final match.


    While I hope he makes it to WrestleMania XXX, that is by no means a guarantee, and so WWE should make the most of their icon while they can by giving him one more ‘Mania main event.

    On top of that, it would be a fitting tribute to the late and great Paul Bearer for his former protégé to close the biggest show of the year.

    However, as I mentioned earlier, should and will are two very different matters.


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    While all four matches are potentially deserving of main eventing WrestleMania, I personally feel that The Undertaker vs. CM Punk is the standout choice to close the show.

    If the WWE books this one correctly, we could be seeing the best of the past vs. the best of the present in a truly historic clash for the ages.

    However, I also feel that the powers that be will instead opt for Rock vs. Cena to star in the main event.

    These two are well worth such an honor, given their history, ability and fame, but are they the absolute best choice for such a slot?

    For me, the answer is no—but what do you guys think?

    Comment below with your thoughts on this matter, and let me know who you think should headline this year’s WrestleMania and why.