Will AJ Lee Start Running Mickie James's Stalker Gimmick?

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 7, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

WWE's resident unstable woman, AJ Lee, is in need of a change having become Dolph Ziggler's girlfriend, a prop at his side.

AJ hasn't had a chance to be all that psychotic in a while. A reprise of Mickie James' stalker gimmick could be just the reinvigoration AJ needs.

Last summer AJ was entertaining fans with her instability. She jumped from Kane to Daniel Bryan to CM Punk, smitten with all of them. She dressed up in their gear and shamelessly followed them around.

Her tenure as Raw General Manager saw her tear up sets and attack Vickie Guerrero.

She does far less now, standing at ringside in support of her Ziggy. It was much more fun to watch AJ implode, for her madness to throb.

WWE would be wise to borrow from its past to bring out a role that she can thrive playing.

In 2005, Mickie James played Trish Stratus' biggest fan. That adoration grew into something darker.

James began to steal Stratus' moves, to follow her everywhere, to sneak into her dressing room and put on her clothes.

It was intriguing watching James sink deeper into her obsession. This is the kind of entertaining theater WWE should aim for.

It's an angle that AJ has already shown she can do well.

After she and Cena kissed last year, she began to show signs of overdependence. She made little trinkets for him. She clung to his hips, doe-eyed and eager.

WWE could easily take a storyline like James' stalking Stratus and go further with it. Who knows what depths AJ could sink to as someone's stalker.

Maybe AJ becomes unhealthily entranced with Ziggler. Maybe she begins to irritate him with her smothering nature.

Otherwise, there are plenty of other folks out there to obsess over.

Be it a legend like Mae Young, her old pal Kaitlyn or someone random like Yoshi Tatsu, giving AJ a person to channel her insanity toward makes full use of her skill set.

Seeing her in short shorts, midriff exposed, cheering on Ziggler is fine, but she has an overstock of nuttiness that needs to be tapped.

Pull out James' stalker gimmick and dust it off for AJ.

It's a story worth retelling, a sequel with a new star. AJ has plenty of crazy to give. She just needs someone to lay it on.