Chicago Bulls: Develop the Youth

Jeremy FoyContributor IMarch 31, 2008

Since the Bulls were probably the most; if not, one of the most disappointing teams this season, I say just sit the old guys. Play young for the remander of the season.

To start complaining...I don’t understand how Larry Hughes is starting over Thabo? Thabo has shown how he can affect a game; Larry has done crap since he has been on the bulls. Sit Hughes and start Thabo.

Also Gooden has been playing great, but why cant we see more of Tyrus? He can play Center, why cant he start over Noah? I would like to see Tyrus take the oppoinites center out of the lane and dish it in on a cut and dive for a layup.

I can see the Bulls have an easier time with penitration in the paint, and then they will get to the line. The Bulls are a good team at the line and they need to take advantage of that.

I would even like to see Aaron Gray in the game more and use him. He's got the basics down, but he needs to tone up and show some "FN" emotion out there on the floor. No more layups. Also if he gets a mini jump shot, he might be worth keeping. I can see him in the league but if he dosent tone up and dosent see that dunking is more effective then a wossy layup, I can't see him in the NBA much longer.

Well after that, I still have to say it....GO BULLS!!!!!!!!