MLB 13 the Show: Highlights of Roster Update on Launch Date

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MLB 13 the Show: Highlights of Roster Update on Launch Date
image from MLB 13 the Show Facebook

Sony San Diego didn't waste time updating the rosters for MLB 13 the Show. Almost immediately upon launch on Tuesday, March 5, a roster update was available for gamers.

There were quite a few changes from the default rosters, and some big names were placed with the appropriate teams or levels of the organization.

One of the teams most drastically impacted by the updates was the Cleveland Indians.

Michael Bourn was added to the Tribe's roster after being a part of the free-agent pool at the outset. Daisuke Matsuzaka was brought up from the minor leagues to the Indians' starting rotation as well.

This update wasn't concentrated on actual player ratings, as the season hasn't begun. The purpose of the launch day update was to properly structure the teams in respect to trades and late free-agent signings.

Take a look at this screenshot from Pasta Padre. It shows the major changes made in this huge roster update.

image from Pasta Padre and MLB 13 the Show


New York Yankees Negatively Impacted

image from @cjohnson406 and MLB 13 the Show

The game is designed to imitate life, and that's exactly what we're seeing with the New York Yankees.

The injured Alex Rodriguez was moved to the minor league level in the Yankees organization, as was Curtis Granderson who is also injured.

Still, gamers that genuinely like to play with the Bronx Bombers will have to make due without two of the team's biggest stars—if they choose to play online or with the updated rosters.

At least the roster update did capture the Yankees signing Travis Hafner. That may ultimately be especially important in the game and in real life. Mark Teixeira recently went down with a wrist injury, per USA Today.

He's expected to be out until at least mid-May, so that leaves a pretty big hole in the middle of the lineup. Teixeira's injury will likely be part of the next roster update from MLB 13 the Show.

Soon, fans may not recognize the Yankees on the real field or the virtual one.

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