ESPN's Dan Dakich Certainly Did Date That Woman's Mother

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMarch 6, 2013

One day, if you work hard and catch the right breaks, then you too may have a sign proclaiming that someone's mother once dated you. 

Such was the bizarre and humorous ordeal presented before ESPN's Dan Dakich, as he offered his colorful commentary for the Ohio State vs. Indiana game. 

Yahoo! Sports spotted this video, the moment the game became personal for Dakich, who once played and coached for the Indiana Hoosiers. 

Reading the sign, you understand why cameras zoomed in and took notice. It read simply, "Dan Dakich dated my mom...seriously."

The young woman held up the sign with the same cool demeanor as if she were displaying some boring and cliched rally for the team. 

This of course begged the question. So, um, did you, Dakich?

A game with serious Big Ten repercussions was at hand, and all the world wanted to know was if this was true. OK, not the whole world, perhaps just the select few watching the game. 

Dakich was kind enough to answer the intriguing question head-on when he really could have danced around it. 

He says he did indeed date the woman's mother and nearly gives out her name before Mike Tirico smothers him with an verbal tackle. 

The best was this from Dakich: "You kidding me? The daughter wears that as a badge of honor. Why shouldn't she?"

You hear that ladies who may have dated Dakich?

Consider yourself lucky. 

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