Watch OKC Thunder Fan Steal Kobe Bryant's Sweaty Towel After Lakers Loss

Dan FavaleFeatured ColumnistMarch 6, 2013

Nothing says "dedicated NBA fan" like stealing a towel drenched in sweat off the shoulders of Kobe Bryant.

Immediately following the Oklahoma City Thunder's 17-point win over the Los Angeles Lakers, the Black Mamba began his long walk back to the visitor's locker room. 

However, before he could get out of the tunnel, though, one audacious (and slightly misguided) fan swooped in and lifted one of two towels off Bryant's glistening body.

And we thought there was no such thing as a souvenir that was both free and teeming with perspiration.

As for what said fan planned to do with this towel, we're not exactly sure. I ebay-ed "Kobe Bryant Sweaty Towel" and this particular piece of cloth was nowhere to be found.

Maybe the fan (a man donning what appears to be a Lakers jersey, clad with either Under Armour or spandex beneath it) poached it without an intent to sell, leaving us to wonder what he did with it.

Did he frame and hang it above his bed? Will he attempt to extract Vino's DNA and subsequently clone him? Was he saving it for Metta World Peace, who we know prefers to dry himself off with pre-moistened towels?

All we know for sure is that this guy really likes one of two things: Kobe or sweat. Or maybe, he's a fan of both.

Be sure to keep an eye out on the internet for this piece of history.

If he decides to sell (or barter), the stench of Kobe's defeat could potentially be yours for the right price. Or perhaps the right pair of gym socks.