Peachtree TV: Why Are They Showing Baseball Games ?

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IMarch 31, 2008

I just caught some of the Atlanta Braves vs Pittsburgh Pirates on Peachtree TV.

I wanted to know why the scoring graphic was at the top of the screen, in bright green, and occuping way too much of it.
It simply does not working, and is the worst graphic I have seen in all of sports.

Here are some ways to fix this.
1. Try to put the graphic at the bottom of the screen
2. Try to put it closer to the edge
3. Try to make is slightly smaller, all people need is the score, current time... not alot of additional graphics, could go in just a corner...
4. Try a darker green

These are just a few of the many tips you should use to fix your graphic.

It really hurts, especially when the camera movements aren't as fluid, it comes off looking very awkward.

It might be that it shouldn't be on every camera as well. Try it only during pitching.

Sorry, I've worked in television for many years, and this is just one small example of a non-sports television broadcasting a sports event. I know, Peachtree TV is the new TBS, but they weren't great before. Now they've gone over the line. I feel bad for Atlanta fans, they must be brave to watch their team like this for years.