Debate: Should Rodgers Be the Highest Paid Player in the NFL?

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Debate: Should Rodgers Be the Highest Paid Player in the NFL?
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Should the Packers make Aaron Rodgers the highest paid player in the NFL?


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Perhaps he should be, but for the Packers' sake I hope he accepts a team friendly contract. Either way, guy is a total class act, an excellent QB, and...
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Short answer; No. Several reasons: 1. Rodgers doesn't need to be the highest paid QB in the League to know he is the Best. 2. Green Bay doesn't nee...
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For sure he was the biggest Bimbo (off the field). For me, hands down, the greatest Packer of all time was Bart Starr... Impeccable decision-making,...
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I don't necessarily agree with the pay that anyone is getting to play football compared to other professions, but that opinion doesn't count. Should ...
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I agree with what you said, except that I think Rodgers is greater than Favre - he has broken records that Favre never did (and one of Favre's records...
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He should and will be paid a very substancial amount of money. The way it is structured will be the way it will save the Packers cap space to free up ...
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