The Real Reason Jerry Jones Wants to Sign PacMan...

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IMarch 31, 2008

I’ve been wondering why the Dallas Cowboys are so persistent in signing troubled player PacMan Jones.  But the answer is simple.  Owner Jerry Jones is hoping to reclaim the glory days of the Cowboys from the 90’s.  No, it’s not because Jones is such a good player. 

It’s because all the great players from those 90’s Cowboy teams were crack heads and prostitute beaters.  With that in mind, who else would you want for your team than PacMan.  Back then, their players smoked more crack than Marion Barry on New Year’s Eve.  But, they did win three Super Bowls.  Back then, to play for Dallas you had to have at least one felony to your name. 

But Jerry Jones is going above and beyond this time.  Last time his players were only suspended a few games during the season.  Here, he’s looking to sign a guy who was suspended the entire year.  His thinking must be that he’s got to crank it up a notch. 

Or it could be since Michael Irvin left Dallas, Jerry Jones is looking for another guy to score smack off of.  Maybe in a few years he’ll sign Michael Vick to the team since Vick actually would have been to the big house. 

If only they could get O.J. Simpson on the team, imagine how unstoppable they will be.