7 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Must Stay at Real Madrid

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7 Reasons Why Cristiano Ronaldo Must Stay at Real Madrid

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is used to being in the spotlight. But after stating that he was sad earlier in the season, speculation over his future with Real Madrid has hit an all-time high.

    The Mirror has gone far enough to claim that the Portuguese captain is “desperate” to leave the Bernabeu. Though this opinion may be exaggerated, it is clearly circulating.

    Madridistas will certainly be hoping that their star player remains in white for as long as possible.

    Recent reports from the Daily Mail claim that Ronaldo is determined to see out his contract with the reigning La Liga champions. But with no intention to sign an extension, the club may be forced to sell.

    Regardless of the countless reports, Cristiano Ronaldo must stay at Real Madrid. Continue reading to find out why.


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    Saying that Cristiano Ronaldo is a record breaker is an understatement. The Portuguese star lives to break records and score goals. If Ronaldo stays at Real Madrid, he will have the chance to break even more daunting records.

    Currently, Ronaldo holds the Real Madrid record for most goals scored in a single season in both La Liga and the Champions League. He is also the fastest Merengue to score 100 goals for the capital club.

    On top of these records, Cristiano is also the only Real Madrid performer to ever average more than one goal per game and score against every team in a La Liga season.

    But the records do not have to stop there.

    If Ronaldo remains in Madrid, he will have a great opportunity to break some pretty hefty records that have stood for a while.

    The deadly attacker is Real Madrid’s sixth all-time scorer in all competitions. Ronaldo is also eighth on the list for goals scored in the Copa del Rey and fifth on the list for Champions League scores.

    Tremendous possibilities remain for Cristiano Ronaldo. But will he remain in Madrid to seize the opportunity?


    Note all records via Wikipedia's Record List.


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    The most disappointing thing about Ronaldo’s time in Madrid is surely the lack of trophies. Portugal’s captain has only lifted three major pieces of silverware since leaving Old Trafford, but that could soon change.

    Ronaldo has led Real Madrid to new heights over the last two seasons. Los Blancos are now looking to claim the title of the “world’s best club,” which will certainly bring more trophies to Madrid.

    Real Madrid have already won the Spanish Super Cup this season and is in a good position to win the Copa del Rey as well. But most importantly, the Champions League trophy may finally return to the Bernabeu.

    If Ronaldo is to leave the Santiago Bernabeu, it would only be fitting to do so after securing more trophies. Though silverware can be won this season, Ronaldo is not finished winning in white yet.

    With Real Madrid only getting stronger, Ronaldo will lead the charge for multiple trophies next year.


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    In the world of football, money is king. As one of the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo deserves wonderful compensation for his ability. But there is not a club in the world that can show him the money his current one can.

    After becoming the world’s most expensive player, it is highly unlikely that any other club could afford Ronaldo. Not only would his wage bill be overbearing, but the transfer fee would be out of this world.

    Rich clubs like PSG do have the money to bring in Ronaldo. But it is very unlikely that he would leave such a successful club for a new venue with a smaller reputation.

    Simply put, if Ronaldo wants to be paid the big bucks then he must remain in Madrid.

Rivalry with Lionel Messi

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    There is nothing quite like watching Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo face off. But if the Portuguese star leaves Madrid, the world may lose the great rivalry between the pair.

    It is evident that Ronaldo has been living in Messi’s shadow for some time. The Argentine may be the best the world has ever seen, but Ronaldo certainly does not agree. More time in Madrid would give Ronaldo the chance to show his skill in direct competition with Messi.

    Watching the Barcelona ace secure his fourth straight Ballon d'Or was truly difficult for Ronaldo. But only the Portugal captain can pry away the prestigious award. Leaving Madrid will not solve that and is reason enough to stay.

    Some fans will even claim that Ronaldo leaving Madrid would be a sign of surrender to his Argentine counterpart.

    If Ronaldo really does believe that he is better than Lionel Messi, he will need to prove it at Real Madrid. If he does not, then he will forever live in the shadow cast by his most hated rival.

Ronaldo Has Finally Won over the Fans

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    Ronaldo has had a very difficult time over the last few years trying to get the Real Madrid faithful behind him. Yet after recent performances, his name is being sung all across the Santiago Bernabeu.

    The winger has an unwavering need to be loved and appreciated which has not been the case in the past. But with such a strong positive feeling toward the star, the sky is the limit for Ronaldo.

    If his desire to be loved is finally being met in Madrid, then Cristiano Ronaldo has no reason to even consider leaving.

    Trophies will come and so will the money, but being a god in the eyes of Madridistas is the icing on the cake for Cristiano.

    Once his name is no longer adored at the Bernabeu, expect Ronaldo to walk away. But that time is not coming any time soon.

There Is No Replacing Cristiano Ronaldo

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    Cristiano must stay in Madrid, but Real may need him more than he needs the club. With the dismal displays by the squad when Ronaldo is absent, it is obvious that there just is no replacement for the winger.

    If Real Madrid are to continue their dominance as one of the world’s greatest clubs, keeping Cristiano must be a top priority. If the Portuguese star leaves the capital, there is not a single player eho could properly fill his shoes.

    The revenue that would be brought in from selling Ronaldo would be huge. But no matter how many stars are brought to the Bernabeu, they will always feel the hole left by the No. 7.

    That being said, Ronaldo must remain in white for the sole reason that he is of the upmost importance to the success of the club.

Any Move Would Be a Step Down

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    Cristiano Ronaldo is a winner. There is no denying his nature to be the best and perform at the top level. But a move to any other club would be a step down for such a great player.

    While there are several clubs that could financially bring Ronaldo in, they do not carry the same weight as Real Madrid.

    The deadly winger wants to play for the best and win trophies. He is getting both of those chances at Madrid. There really is no reason for Ronaldo to leave as almost any move would mean that his career would finally be in decline.

    The only real club that would not be a step down for Ronaldo would be his former home at Manchester United. But without the financial backing, a return to Old Trafford is seemingly impossible.

    To continue as one of the best players in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo must remain at one of the greatest clubs in the history of the game.


    Does Cristiano Ronaldo have to stay at Real Madrid? Where would he go if he decides to leave? Don’t forget to leave your thoughts and comments below.


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