Blog Talk Radio Guru League #1

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Blog Talk Radio Guru League #1
Blog Talk Radio Guru League #1 Week 2

One week down. It was a fun week most of the game came down to Sunday. I went 3-3 on my predictions and won my underdog pick of the week. Bobbo over RC Rizza. Evan Dickens is atop of our leader board after Silencing the Silent Expert 7-3. Let's go over this weeks match ups and my predictions for week 2.

The True Guru vs. Can O Corn
IF- Can O Corn
OF- True Guru
SP- True Guru
RP- True Guru

Todd may of edge Can O Corn in the match ups but this is going to be a closes game.

Prediction- 5-4-1 The True Guru

Don't Tread on Me vs. Fighting Chance

OF- Don't Tread on Me
SP- Don't Tread on Me
RP- Fighting Chance

Ryan has some injuries so maybe too hard to over come.

Prediction- 7-3 Don't Tread on Me *** Underdog pick of the week****
Don't Tread on Me is no underdog in match ups but Don't Tread on Me is the only listener that I predict to beat an expert this week.

Prusaw vs. Old School Stingers

IF-Old School Stingers
SP- Old School Stingers

Prusaw may have to ask his class for advice this week. The new school vs. old school

Prediction-6-4 Old School Stingers

Los Vatos' Whappo vs. Mudville Nine

IF-Mudville Nine
OF- Mudville Nine
SP- Mudville Nine
RP- Mudville Nine

Bobbo is again the underdog and will have to fight threw out the week.

Prediction- 7-3 Mudville Nine

Spankees 2 vs. Junkyard Jake

IF-Junkyard Jake
SP-Junkyard Jake
RP-Junkyard Jake

Junkyard Jake coming off lost last and the number won't lie this week.

Prediction-7-3 Junkyard Jake

Silent Expert vs. Cobra Kai

IF-Silent Expert
OF- Cobra Kai
SP-Silent Expert
RP-Silent Expert

I will not talk the trash this week I don't want to get bit by the Cobra.

Prediction- 5-4-1 Silent Expert

Later in the week I will be breaking down Bobbo's Team Los Vatos' Whappo in detail.

Good luck to everyone

Jason Swist
Silent Expert

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