Georgia Football: Post G-Day

Matthew BurnsAnalyst IApril 13, 2009

I will stick to my words. I think the Bulldogs will be more than okay next year.

Will we go undefeated? Probably not.

Will we lose six games? Not likely.

Joe Cox will be everything you need in an SEC quarterback (though he may not be much more athletically).

His energy on the field is evident, along with his uncanny ability to lead his teammates. This program is in need of that emotional leader and Cox may be that player.

Our offensive line and running backs will also be everything we need to get by. We probably won't have a 1,000 yard rusher, but we most certainly won't be a "pass-because-we-can't-run-it" offense.

What I like is the return to discipline in between the white lines and a code of conduct off the field.

This team has the potential to be everything we love about Georgia Football.

Yeah, I loved Stafford's big time arm and Knowshon's highlight reel talent just as much as the next guy. To me, however, Georgia football has always been about a defense that wants to wear you out so our offense doesn't have to. A team that feels just as proud about dominating a game 16-3 or dominating it 50-10.

This team has the potential to be that type of good. Not Leinart-Bush Sports Center good. Just "solid-because-we're-good" good.