Canadian Football Player Working Drills Gets Blasted in Face with Football

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Taylor Renaud took one too many footballs to the face in this particular football drill. 

Thanks to this video posted on Deadspin, we now know you must be extremely adamant with the buddy you might be training with when and where to toss that football. 

According to their report, Deadspin states Renaud, a former wide receiver for Nova Scotia's Acadia University, was working out with Mike Benson, a former teammate and current long snapper of the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos. 

It seems the man who is about to get blasted with a bunch of pigskin to the dome is trying to get a contract with a CFL team. 

So he is hitting the gym hard and working out with his pal, only asking that he kindly throw the ball on the second pass through this footwork drill. 

Instead, Benson tosses a tight spiral on the first foray through the drill, leaving an unsuspecting face as the only thing to catch the ball. 

It doesn't. 

Try as you might, a face makes for a horrible catcher of footballs, so it goes sailing back after a tremendous ricochet off this football hopeful's face. 

As noted in the report, this is hardly a highlight reel you would send to teams, but the video is already making the rounds on Canadian team, and a quick look on the YouTube account shows someone from ESPN trying to get in touch with the duo. 

All of this has lead to this tweet.


Yes, apparently antics like these will make you famous. 

Now, again, if you are going to have your buddy launch a football on your second attempt, you make sure he understands the plan. 

Make him sign something if you have to.

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