Olympic Pole Vaulting Champion Breaks Down in Tears After Failed Attempt

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In one humbling attempt, Olympic pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie experienced both the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.

As The Star reports, Lavillenie was making an attempt at the European indoor pole vaulting tournament on Sunday. The video here features an attempt at 6.07 meters, which would have been the second best in the sport's history.

The video begins with Lavillenie getting the crowd going before launching into a mammoth vault. When he comes down, he believes he is successful. Upon seeing a red flag, though, he quickly realizes that his attempt has been disqualified. 

Instead of taking the failure in stride, Lavillenie makes quite the spectacle, kicking out the advertising hoardings before collapsing to the track floor.

If that weren't enough, he begins to sob as if someone just ripped a teddy bear from his hands and told him no dessert until he finishes his vegetables.

What a horrible sight of an athlete who just lost the tournament. But wait, he actually won?

You see, before this attempt, Lavillenie cleared a 6.01 pole-vault, which was good enough for first place. So consider this meltdown just a tad more ridiculous than you may have initially. 

I certainly hope Lavillenie can get over only being the best in this particular event on Sunday. 


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