Why the Miz's Stock Is on the Rise

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistMarch 8, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

As the WWE Universe begins gearing up for WrestleMania XXIX, the performer with the most momentum going into the event can be summed up in one word.


After a bit of time away from the top of the mountain that is the WWE talent roster, the Miz seems poised to make a very big impact going forward after his win over Money in the Bank briefcase holder Dolph Ziggler on Raw.

With Ric Flair, the man Miz referred to as his “mentor” in a pre-match speech, in his corner, the former WWE champion defeated Ziggler with Flair’s patented figure-four leglock.

After a run as WWE champion, the Miz seemed to lose his head of steam, falling back into midcard matches with competitors not yet at his level. But at 32 years of age, the Miz still has plenty of tread left on the tires. Yes, he fell from grace slightly after his run as WWE Champion, but he never completely left the public eye.

Let us not forget that he is a Triple Crown champion, winning the WWE championship, Intercontinental championship and tag team championship (three times). He also has two United States title reigns to his credit, not to mention being Mr. Money in the Bank 2010.

Always a cocky heel, he has never been far from the top of the ladder and has always competed with the top talents within the company. And ever since his face turn, the Miz seems more likely to do greater things going forward.

The company sorely needs another big face wrestler to compete on par with John Cena. Sure, guys like Sheamus, Ryback and Alberto Del Rio are fine for now, but all three are in line for heel turns in the future, so it may not be worth investing the time to push them even further into face roles.

With years of heel heat in his wake, it was a welcome change to see the Miz begin to embrace the fans' chants and take on a kinder but still intense demeanor. Now, with perennial crowd favorite Flair as his mentor (though it remains to be seen if this role will continue), the Miz is in a very firm spot and a very safe position within the hierarchy of the company ladder.

His win over Ziggler was somewhat surprising, given that Ziggler is essentially the No. 1 contender for a World title since he possesses the MITB briefcase. But Ziggler has struggled in recent weeks, and his loss to the Miz simply added another loss to the ones that had already been piling up.

However, there is major talk of Ziggler cashing in that briefcase at WrestleMania, and with a program between Del Rio and Jack Swagger expected to continue, that leaves Ziggler without a top-notch opponent to challenge him for his newly won title.

Enter The Awesome One.

A program between Ziggler and the Miz could draw big numbers, especially if the company throws in a big swerve and has Flair turn on the Miz in the middle of the feud. It’s likely the WWE Universe would solidly unite to support the Miz in that instance.

He also stars on the new WWE Films production The Marine 3: Homefront, and the company is sure to do major promotional work to hype the film.

While starring in a film didn’t exactly launch Ted DiBiase’s wrestling career, it certainly did wonders for perennial WWE savior John Cena.

And even if he never becomes an A-list movie star, the Miz is currently engaged to former WWE Diva Maryse.

So, in the event that the major push never materializes, he still should have nothing to complain about.