Bleacher Report and the Beautiful Game: What's In a Name? (UPDATED)

Bryan GoldbergSenior Writer IMarch 31, 2008

Dear Bleacher Report Users,

Thanks for all the feedback on what to call our section to more accurately reflect the sport.

It seems that people liked the name "World Football", but that everyone agreed it would look clumsy in the header bar.

So we decided to have our cake and eat it too.

We have placed FIFA in the header, but we are calling the section by the name World Football.

Going forward, please make sure that you put the "World Football" tag on all your articles. Most of them will be automatically tagged with "World Football" if they contain the names of prominent teams or players.

Hopefully this represents an improvement across the board.

Our very own Andrew McNair will continue to be Community Leader for this section, as well as the EPL stand-alone section.

This week we will also update the leagues within World Soccer, including South American and MLS squads.