A Look at the Worst NHL Referee Screw-Ups of 2013

Steve Silverman@@profootballboyFeatured ColumnistMarch 5, 2013

A Look at the Worst NHL Referee Screw-Ups of 2013

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    The NHL lockout was expected to impact NHL players in the first half of the season.

    While many players chose to compete in European leagues, many others did not. There was a very limited training camp and players reported to those camps in varying degrees of physical fitness.

    Even those who took care of themselves very well were not playing NHL games, so at the very least, timing was going to be an issue.

    Players seem to be performing above expectations.

    However, referees and linesmen are having some trouble. While you can always pick out bad calls, some have been egregious.

    One blown call by a linesman seems to be one for the books while referees seem to happy to call goalie interference—even when none exists.

Matt Duchene Offsides Goal

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    When the Colorado Avalanche hosted the Nashville Predators Feb. 18, Matt Duchene was ahead of the pack when a late pass came in and gave him a breakaway. Duchene was 10 feet or more inside the zone when the pass crossed the blue line.

    This is an easy offsides call for any youth hockey official, let alone an NHL linesman.

    However, no offsides whistle was blown. Duchene gathered in the pass, waited a split second for the offsides call and never heard a thing. He continued skating in on the goal and roofed the puck for an Avs goal.

    Nashville head coach Barry Trotz was understandably livid, but the goal counted and Colorado won the game 6-5.

Silfverberg Goaltender Interference

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    In a Feb. 3 game at the Bell Centre between the Ottawa Senators and the Montreal Canadiens, Senators defenseman Andre Benoit launched a wrist shot from the blue line that eluded goalie Carey Price.

    Senators forward Jakob Silfverberg attempted to screen Price and his effort succeeded. However, even though Silfverberg never touched Price, the goal was waved off and Silfverberg was sent to the penalty box.

    A simply ridiculous call.

    Even Price was smiling after the game at the foolishness of the call.

Columbus No Goal

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    The Chicago Blackhawks are on a record-setting streak of getting at least one point in 22 straight games (19-0-3) from the start of the season.

    They got a break from the officials in their Jan. 26 game at Columbus. With the Blackhawks leading 2-1 in the second period and the Blue Jackets on a power play, Derick Brassard launched a long shot from the point that appeared to be deflected on the way to the goal.

    The puck went into the net and Columbus appeared to tie the game, but the goal was waved off because referee Dan O'Rourke ruled that Chicago goalie Corey Crawford had been interfered with and could not play the puck.

    Nobody touched Crawford.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct Call on David Perron

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    In a 5-3 loss at Detroit Feb. 1, David Perron was called for unsportsmanlike conduct by the officials.

    Play was out and the call was made because of something Perron said to the officials.

    That would be fine, but Perron was more than 60 feet away with his back turned and the official thought he heard something.

    That seems a rather unfair way for an official to work a game.

Kings Goal Doesn't Count

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    In the Los Angeles Kings' Feb. 2 game at Columbus, Anze Kopitar was ruled for goaltender interference and a long shot from the point by Slava Voynov was ruled no goal.

    A close look at the replay shows Columbus defenseman Fedor Tyutin shoving Kopitar toward goalie Steve Mason to induce a goalie interference call. However, Kopitar held his ground and resisted contact.

    Nevertheless, referee Stephen Walkom made the call and the goal did not count.