10 MMA Memorable Moments from the Month of February

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIMarch 6, 2013

10 MMA Memorable Moments from the Month of February

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    February gave MMA fans many thrills and most of them were unexpected.

    From unbelievable upsets to the surprising media attention gained by Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche, February was a great time to be an MMA fan. 

    So in an effort to recreate this month's high drama both inside the cage and outside of it, let's take a look back at the most memorable moments in February.

The Month of Ronda Rousey

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    Let's just dedicate the month of February to Ronda Rousey and women's MMA, shall we?

    UFC Primetime heightened the anticipation for the first-ever women's bout in UFC history with an enticing documentary on both Rousey and Carmouche. From there, everything seemed to escalate.

    Pretty soon the national media found itself reporting on the event, which in turn helped the UFC generate over 400,000 pay-per view buys.

    The best part about all of this was that the fight delivered. Carmouche nearly pulled off the upset as she took Rousey's back, but Rousey weathered the storm and added yet another first-round armbar victory to her resume.

Jon Fitch Receives His Walking Papers

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    Say it ain't so, Uncle Dana.

    Jon Fitch was released from the UFC on Feb. 20. Sure, Fitch's release was unexpected, but here's something that's more surprising than his actual release—the reaction. The MMA community went absolutely ballistic over it.

    "It's the principle! You wouldn't understand anyway, Fitch hater," an avid wrestling fan turned MMA fan says.

    Look, I'll admit that Fitch's style isn't my cup of tea. I'll also admit that Fitch being cut surprised me as much as it did any of you. However, the outcry from MMA fans over the entire situation completely caught me off-guard. Who knew Fitch was so beloved?

Frankie Edgar Loses Another Heartbreaker

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    Frankie Edgar is so close, yet so far from becoming a UFC world champion again.

    Edgar's loss to Jose Aldo marks his third straight loss by a close decision in a title fight. Every time Bruce Buffer reads the scorecards in favor of his opponent, it's absolutely heartbreaking to watch.

    So what do you do with a guy who can lose to the champion by a razor thin decision, yet can't seem to get over that hump?

    Though it may be back to the drawing board for Edgar, no fan will soon forget his thrilling championship match against Aldo at UFC 156.

King Mo Gets Humbled

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    For the love of God, keep your hands up, guys.

    Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal was the favorite heading into his bout against Emanuel Newton, and it must have gone to his head. Lawal stalked Newton the entire fight with his hands down and Newton knocked him out with a spinning backfist.

    When will fighters learn that there's only one man in MMA who can taunt opponents with his hands down and get away with it?

    That, of course, is Anderson Silva, and King Mo is substantially inferior to Silva in the striking department.


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    Three letters symbolize Dennis Bermudez vs. Matt Grice. Those three letters are W-A-R.

    Grice and Bermudez collided inside the Octagon with a furious pace. The magic didn't occur until the third round though.

    After getting pummeled by Grice in the first two rounds, Bermudez came back strong and landed one significant strike after another on Grice against the cage. Grice wouldn't fall, though. He hung in the pocket and kept swinging away.

    Because of all of the back-and-forth action, Grice and Bermudez hold claim to the best fight of the year.

Rashad Evans Bores

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    This shouldn't be a memorable moment, but it is.

    Rashad Evans' fight versus Antonio Rogerio Nogueira was downright uneventful. It was flat-out boring, and honestly, Evans looked disinterested.

    Either that or Jon Jones took a lot more out of Evans that we all realized.

    The reason this was such a memorable showdown is because all Evans had to do was go out there and perform like he normally does and he would've gotten a fight with Anderson Silva.

    But after he played patty cake with Nogueira's hands for three full rounds, he lost the decision, and now a fight with Silva is no longer on the table.

T-Wood Sizzles

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    Did anybody blink during Tyron Woodley's debut?

    Hopefully you didn't, because if you did, you missed it. It took Woodley just 36 seconds to defeat Jay Hieron.

    Woodley charged in with a right haymaker that dropped Hieron. T-Wood jumped on top of Hieron and finished him off with some brutal ground-and-pound. That, my friends, is how you make an impact in your UFC debut.

    With the loss, Hieron remains winless in the UFC despite his lengthy, storied MMA career.

Bigfoot Pulls off an Incredible Upset

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    Once again, keep your hands up, fellas.

    Like King Mo, Overeem went into his fight this past month with a lot of confidence. That confidence quickly turned into cockiness as he walked around Antonio "Bigfoot" Silva with his hands down to his waist.

    Overeem got away with it in the first two rounds, but when the third round came, Silva turned up the heat and went for the knockout.

    He caught Overeem square on the chin and followed it up with an onslaught of powerful punches. Overeem was out on his feet and would eventually fall to the mat unconscious. Silva simply had a puncher's chance in this contest, and lucky for him, Overeem gave him that chance with his hands down and chin out.

Renan Barao Pulls off a Beautiful Arm Triangle

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    If you missed Michael McDonald challenge Renan Barao for the interim bantamweight championship, then you missed an incredible fight.

    Though Barao walked away with the victory, McDonald still impressed. McDonald took it to Barao early in the fight and even caught him with a few combinations that stumbled the interim champion.

    Barao showed resolve. He came back and started getting the better of the exchanges, and in the fourth round he sunk in a beautiful arm-triangle submission.

    It was a brilliant showcase by both men.

The Craziest KO in TUF History

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    You know it's a devastating knockout when the guy who initiates the knockout blow immediately apologizes.

    Uriah Hall landed a spinning back-kick that rendered Adam Cella lifeless on the canvas. It was one of the craziest knockouts you'll ever see, and it turned into perhaps the most geniune moment in the history of The Ultimate Fighter.

    After celebrating his vicious knockout, Hall turned around to find Cella still unconscious. His smile quickly disappeared and all he could say was, "I'm sorry Adam."

    After four minutes passed, Cella woke. The other fighters applauded. Some even had tears in their eyes. Though it was a frightening moment for the UFC and MMA, it happened to be exactly what this reality series needed. The ratings have been solid ever since, despite competing against college basketball.