MLB 2K13: Players Whose Ratings Will Soar During Regular Season

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIMarch 6, 2013

image from MLB 2K13 Official Trailer
image from MLB 2K13 Official TrailerJamie Squire/Getty Images

Player ratings are often the most debated aspects of sports video games. Each company has some sort of formula that renders the initial ratings. A good ratings formula takes into account how a player performed the previous season, their age, and their history.

Obviously, for young players, there is little history to go on, so it can be difficult to accurately rate them early on.

MLB 2K13 did a decent job rating the players in the retail version of the game, but I can already see a few players who are be primed for a ratings boost during the season.

Check out some of the players who are destined to out-perform their initial ratings.


Starlin Castro, Chicago Cubs, 87 Overall

Castro is the Chicago Cubs' highest-rated player, but he's primed to make a jump this season.

Because he's already such a good player, people can forget that he's only 23 years old. Castro has been incredibly durable, as he was one of only four players to play in all 162 games in 2012.

His batting average did dip from .307 in 2011 to .283 in 2012, but much of that was due to an anemic Cubs lineup that couldn't protect Castro.

With Anthony Rizzo in the lineup for the entire season, expect Castro to see better pitches in the No. 2 hole. 

Rizzo is a very good young power-hitting left-hander, and his presence will benefit Castro greatly.

As Castro matures mentally and physically, he'll only get better. I'm expecting a year that sees Castro hit .300 or better, 20-plus home runs with 75 or more RBI.


Wil Myers, Tamp Bay Rays, Not Included on the Game

Myers isn't even on the Rays' roster in MLB 2K13 yet, but as one of the favorites to win American League Rookie of the Year, I suspect he'll be in a future roster update.

Myers is 6'3" 205 pounds and he can flat-out swing the bat.

He gives Rays fans something to look forward to as part of the future of the franchise. If he is indeed on the Rays' Opening Day roster, which is a stretch at this point, 2K Sports will be forced to add him to a future update.

Myers has become perhaps the most well-known minor league prospect in baseball, and his major-league debut will be well-documented.

If he gets the call up to the majors early in the season, we may be looking at a player ready to have a Mike Trout-like impact in his first season.


Justin Morneau, Minnesota Twins, 79 Overall

Morneau has fallen off quite a bit since he was American League MVP in 2006 and had four straight 100 RBI seasons. Injuries have done a number on him over the last three seasons, but in 2012, he showed some of the qualities that once made him elite.

I can't blame the ratings makers for slapping a 79 overall rating on Morneau, he only hit .267 in 2012 with 19 home runs.

But the key stat from last season for Morneau is the 135 games played. It was the first time he played more than 81 games since 2009, and I believe it will serve as a building block for a strong 2013.

Morneau is just 31 years old, so he still has seven to eight years of good hitting left in him—possibly more if he becomes a DH. 

2K Sports will have to take notice when Morneau returns to form for the Twins this season.


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