WWE's Possible New Wrestling Show Idea: The Ultimate Wrestler

xxValentinoxx Aka rashadCorrespondent IApril 13, 2009

This just crossed my mind the other day as an awesome new wrestling show idea that would get a lot of ratings.

If you don't know, the UFC has a show that showcases young talented fighters trying to get into their company. The winner gets a contract.

What if the WWE did something like this, but with the people from ROH company, who aren't in the WWE yet, and they wrestle? They live in a house together, it's like a reality show, and similar to The Ultimate Fighter, thay have captains who help train the fighters.

Now think of this for a first season of the Ultimate Wrestler team: Team Orton versus Team Hunter.

Now, the reality part of this show wouldn't be real; the reality would be all the potential wrestlers portraying the character the WWE would have them as in the WWE if they made it there (The Cocky Guy, etc.). There would be heavyweight wrestlers, like people as big as Batista, and light heavyweights, like CM Punk or Shawn Michaels.

Each team and weight class would have a match each week against the opposing team member, and the losers of the match would be eliminated until there are only two people left: a lightweight and a heavyweight. They both get a contract.

Triple H and Randy Orton would be training their teammates to do their best and become real stars, then they make it into the WWE.

Just an idea. Please post a comment on what you think.