Watch Chris Bosh's Epic Robot Videobomb During Dwyane Wade Postgame Interview

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Chris Bosh loves to videobomb. Like, really loves it, to the point where he does it almost religiously.

Knowing this, it should come as no shock that Bosh interrupted Dwyane Wade's postgame interview by robot-ing his way in and traipsing his way out like the robot guy from Chappelle Show.

Wade sure wasn't surprised. He didn't even bat an eye as Bosh twirled his way on camera. 

Nonetheless, Bosh's antics proved to be contagious. Wade brought this dance party home with his best (stationary) Saturday Night Fever impression, to motion for Bosh to get off camera.

Once Wade began to bust a move, Bosh saw it fit to walk out of the interview, clad with the most mischievous of grins. His work was done. 

Or perhaps it was just beginning.

Now that Bosh has his teammates joining him in his never-ending quest to boogie, are we destined to see another choreographed segment of the entire Miami Heat team dancing their hearts out? Better yet, will they do more than just the robot and the Harlem shake?

Perhaps a conga line? The macarena? The electric slide?

Either way, it seems that Bosh's penchant for videobombing is becoming something of a tradition. After Heat wins (which is pretty commonplace these days), the big man is always seeking out his 10 seconds of viral-video fame.

Credit Wade here for being both a good sport, the cameraman for continuing to roll and Bosh for remaining one of the most shameless NBA superstars there is. Without him, we would have no standard to hold past, present and future videobombings to.

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