B/R Turns Into the WWE Chapter 2: Welcome to Monday Night Raw

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 13, 2009

Welcome to Chapter two of the soon to be hit fantasy series, B/R Turns Into The WWE.

This series will be split amongst three people. Monday Night Raw will be done by me. SmackDown will be done by The DJ Rallo, and ECW is TBD. Also so in case you didn't see chapter one, please check it out or you won't know who's on which roster.

Monday Night Raw

(Commentator) Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Monday Night Raw. Well tonight we finaly get to see who our general manager is, and we get to find out who is wrestling for the titles. Oh, and here comes Vince McMahon and let's see what he's got to say.

(Vince) I'm pretty sure you all know why I'm here. Well in case you don't, I'm hear to announce the new GM of Raw and here he is...Svyato Rovenchuk.

(Svyato) Thanks, Vince, and now let me tell you what I have planned tonight will be all about the contenderships and the titles. 

For the World title we will have two matches to find our contenders. First one is Jason "The Ayatollah of Bleacher Reportah" Le Blanc vs. Joe Burgett. And the second one is a Battle Royal between Ron Johnson, Kevin Canny, Daris Brown, and Jason Savage.

As for the ITC title, that match will take place tonight as it will be Paul Andriuskevicius vs. Greg Bush. Now let's move on to the divas.

Tonight, it will be a triple threat match between Jen Preston, Celeste Winchester, and Mina to determine who will be the women's champion.

There will also be a tag match tonight and whichever teams win will be added to next week's tag tournament for the Unified Tag Titles. Anyway, hope you enjoy the show.


(Vince) Hey nice job out there. You made some really good decisions out there. There's one thing I'd like to ask you though.

(Svyato) What's that? 

(Joe walks in)

(Vince) I'll talk to you later.

(Svyato) Is there a problem, Joe?

(Joe) No just wanted to inform you on a few things.

No. 1: I am your key to success so you'll want to give me plenty of title shots, if you want to be a good GM. 

No. 2: In case you didn't know, Jason isn't the best guy around to give title shot so I suggest you keep him out of the world title hunt. Are we clear now?

(Svyato) Listen Joe. This is my show and I'll do whatever I think is right so step off or I'll terminate you immediately.

(Joe) Fine, but you've been warned (walks away).

The Ring

(Ring Announcer) The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the ITC championship. Introducing first, from North Augusta, South Carolina, Greg Bush. And his opponent, Paul Andriuskevicius. Bell sounds and we're ready for action.

Paul starts off quickly tackling Greg and now pounding his head. Oh now the referee breaks it up. Paul lifting Greg up and what's he thinking? Oh Greg gets off and oh strikes his knee. Greg still working on that knee. I guess he heard that Paul hurt while preparing.

Oh and there's a suplex from Greg. Here's the cover. one, two, oh just kicks out. Oh my god, Paul tried to spear Greg, but he hit the referee instead. Oh a low blow from Greg and Paul is down, but so is the referee.

Greg for the pin referee is getting up and starts the pin. One, two, no Paul rolled the shoulder. Now looking to finish it is Greg with a big powerbomb.

Oh here we go gets him up and power bomb. Here's the cover. One, two, three (bell sounds).

(Announcer)The Winner and new ITC champion, Greg Bush.

(Commentator) Well it was a spirited tilt, but in the end Greg really did deserve it. We'll be back after these commercial breaks (XD).

(Commentator) Welcome back to Monday Night Raw. We do have a great match coming up next. It's a four-man Battle Royal between Ron Johnson, Daris Brown, Kevin Canny, and Jason Savage.

And here we go. With all the competitors in the ring we can now start. Bell sounds and the match starts.

Ron going right after Kevin while Jason goes after Daris. Oh but Daris just throws him over. While Jason was attempting to clothesline him Daris just lifted him over and now it's down to three. 

Ron looks like he's just about eliminated Kevin oh look at this Daris just gets over there and lifts them both over. We have a winner!

(announcer) The Winner and new Co-No. 1 contender for the World Title, Daris Brown.

(Commentator) Daris wasted no time eliminating everyone and it paid off because he now has a world title match in his future. Raw will return after these messages(XD).

Welcome back to Raw, and you're just in time to see our women's championship match. Mina vs. Celeste vs. Jen. Bell sounds and it's game on.

Celeste is taking it to Mina while Jen is just waiting to get in those girls are taking each other apart and now what's this Jen is on the top rope what's she thinking. The other divas don't even realize it.

Oh wow a 450 splash on top of both, Celeste and Mina. Gets to the cover. One, two, three. Bell sounds match over. 

Boy was that quick. I think the 450 splash was just too much to handle for the other divas. Wow that match was a only 56 seconds. Congrats to Jen Preston on a very decisive victory over the others. Raw will return after the break(XD).

Hello and welcome to Monday Night Raw and as you can see we have Joe standing in the ring ready to give us his thoughts on his match tonight.

(Joe) I just want you to take a look at your future World Champion. Tonight, I will destroy Jason and at Backlash, I'm going to take my rightful place as World Heavyweight Champion. Thank you!

(The New GM of Raw Aka me comes out and I'm ready to shock Joe with an announcement) Well, Joe, I can really tell you have your sights set on the World Title don't you. Well before you can get to Backlash you'll have to defeat Jason in a No Holds Barred match tonight. Good luck (not).

(Commentator) Well before we get to see that match, we will get to see a great tag match which has Demetrus Stokes & Dozer taking on AkD and Sulayman. And here we go. Bell sounds match begins.

Looks like AkD is starting against Dozer. AkD and Sulayman from Friday Night SmackDown, visiting Raw tonight because they have the urge to be tag champs (lol). 

AkD punching and punching Dozer. Oh gets him with the uppercut now. Now launches him into his corner. Gives him a few shoulders to the gut and now tags in Sulayman. 

Sulayman going for a suplex, but it's reversed by Dozer into a DDT. Dozer has to make the tag now to Stokes. Can he get there? Yes he can here's the tag and here Stokes.

Moonsault off the ropes and goes for the cover one, two, no good as Sulayman kicked out in time. Sulayman trying to get to his corner, but Stokes pulls him to his. 

Stokes tags in Dozer and Dozer comes off the rope with a double axe handle while Stokes was had put Sulayman into an arm wrench.

Now Dozer with punches to the stomach oh and whats this Dozer is disqualified. I think by mistake Dozer might have given him a low blow. Or at least that's what the referee is saying.

Well, I personally don't think that was a low blow, but what the referee says goes so there you have it AkD and Sulayman move on to the semi-final.

Now ladies and gentlemen coming up next is our main event. It's Joe Burgett vs. Jason Le Blanc in a No Holds Barred Match.

I have a feeling Monday Night Raw is about to get really violent. That will be next when Monday Night Raw returns live from Dallas.

Welcome Back ladies and gentleman to Monday Night Raw. Up next is our main event which features to of our biggest stars, Joe and Jason. And it's a No Holds Barred Match. Does that scream excitement or what? Both men are in the ring and here we go. Bell sounds.

The match is underway here both men lock up. Oh, and Joe puts Jason into a sleeper hold. And it looks like Jason isn't gonna be able to break it. Jason goes down. Joe is coming over here. He's getting a steel chair and what's he thinking. He's also getting a table slides it into the ring.

Look at this he's putting Jason on top of the table. And he's going up with a chair. I think he's going to jump off with the chair aimed and Jason. A risky move, but it's a move that will do a lot of damage.

He's going for it and oh it connects, but I think it hurt Joe a lot too. Let's see if Joe can make it to the cover.

Oh look at this Jason is getting up first. Jason now grabbing the steel chair. Waiting for Joe to get up. Joe slowly getting to his feet. Turns around and bam, steel chair to the head. Here's the cover one, two, oh my god how the hell did Joe kick out?

Jason obviously frustrated there. So whats he doing now. He's going under the ring for a weapon I think. What's he pulling out there? Oh it's a sledgehammer. Now he's looking to connect it to Joe's head.

Waiting Joe's getting up, Jason swings, but out of nowhere Joe counters with a steel chair and now Joe gets a kick to the mid section and I think he's going for his finisher the Saving Grace. A perfect hit. Now here's the cover one, two, three.

Bell sounds and Joe is the winner. That means Joe will meat Daris Brown at Backlash for the World title.

Well even though the crowd is not happy about this victory you gotta give the man props he went through a lot to win that match. Ladies and gentleman thanks you for watching (well reading) Monday Night Raw. 


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