WWE News: Tag Team Reforms at Superstars Taping (Spoiler)

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMarch 5, 2013

Photo from WWE.com
Photo from WWE.com

Spoiler Alert: Anyone not wanting to know the results of WWE Superstars in advance should not read any further.

Fans who tune into this week's Superstars will be treated with the reformation of one of WWE's most promising tag teams.

As reported by WrestlingInc.com, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow got back together on the newest episode of Superstars. Sandow announced that the team was back together. Team Rhodes Scholars went on to defeat The Usos.

Hold off on the tag team division obituary for now.

While it seemed that WWE's recently resurgent tag team division was headed for a tailspin, fans will at least have the formidable team of arrogant heels to look forward to.

Rhodes and Sandow had broken up on a SmackDown in early February.

That move seemed to signal WWE was moving away from its recent focus on tag teams. Fans knew Team Hell No couldn't last forever. There were rumblings that The Prime Time Players might split up as well. Losing Rhodes Scholars so soon was a big blow.

Cancel the doom and gloom, at least for now.

WWE's tag team division is suddenly improved with Team Rhodes Scholars back in the fold. They offer a legitimate threat to take the tag titles from Daniel Bryan and Kane. They provide depth in a division hurt by Rey Mysterio's absence, Tyson Kidd's injury and insignificant airtime.

It's understandable that WWE would be anxious to have Sandow venture out on his own.

He has the charisma, ring skills and intriguing character that could lead to major success in singles competition. Sandow's former trainer told The Charleston Post & Courier (via 411Mania.com) that "there is no reason Damien Sandow couldn't or shouldn't be a main-eventer and carry the world or WWE championship one day very soon."

While it's inevitable that Sandow will go solo, it’s wise that WWE is holding off from permanently breaking up Rhodes Scholars for now, at least. 

Sandow can grow as a performer alongside Rhodes. He can sharpen his ring work with less pressure. 

Both guys give the tag division an instant boost. Even though Sandow hasn't been around long, Rhodes Scholar brings star power to the tag teams.

Here's hoping we see plenty of Rhodes' mustache, Sandow's condescension and the kind of enthralling tag team action those two men can provide.

Team Hell No needs a worthy foil. The tag division needs all the manpower it can get.

Once word gets out about Team Rhodes Scholars getting back together, WWE fans should be all smiles. The team's breakup happened too soon, and WWE made the right move in putting them back together.