A Definitive Guide on How Not to Get Released by the UFC

Anthony Fusco@fusconation16Correspondent IIIMarch 5, 2013

A Definitive Guide on How Not to Get Released by the UFC

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    The news that the UFC cut a total of 16 fighters from their roster, including former title challenger Jon Fitch, came as a surprise to many.

    UFC cutting fighters that haven't performed is nothing new. It was the amount of cuts that came in one day that shocked many.

    Now, fighters are under the microscope whenever they fight.

    With the news of top welterweight Fitch getting cut, it has nearly every fighter wondering if one bad performance could land them on the chopping block.

    With so many fighters fearing for their careers, I have compiled a guide to follow that will allow you to keep your job as a UFC fighter.

Win Your Fight in Impressive Fashion

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    The easiest way to keep your job in the UFC is to win your fight.

    There are a few ways to do that. You could win by dominating your opponent for the full three or five rounds. A perfect example would be Dong Hyun Kim's win over Paulo Thiago.

    The other way is to finish your opponent.

    A submission win could keep you off the chopping block. If you pair that submission with two-and-a-half rounds of action like Joe Lauzon did against Jamie Varner, then all the better.

    You could also do arguably the most exciting thing in MMA and knock out your opponent. Everyone appreciates a good knockout.

    If you have a reputation as a knockout artist, stick to your guns and go for the big win.

    However you decide to win your fight, aim to do it in the most impressive fashion you can.

Be a Consistent Fighter

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    Fans, media and UFC brass appreciate a fighter who gives it their all in the cage and leaves it all in the Octagon.

    The UFC is keeping a close eye on which fighters perform every time they step in the Octagon. If they are receiving boos from the crowd or their style isn't appealing to fans, they could be out the door following a loss. 

    The UFC wants to advertise the fighters that are exciting, and that in turn, sells pay-per-views.

    If you can be a consistently exciting fighter, the chances of keeping your job increase exponentially. 

Don't Be a "Boring" Fighter

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    When the UFC cut Jon Fitch, it was clearly sending a message.

    Boring fighters are not welcome.

    The UFC brass is always watching for guys that put on boring fights. If a fighter is getting booed every time he or she steps into the Octagon and it's well known that they have a style that fans don't like, they could be on a short leash. 

    The Jon Fitch example is perfect for this scenario.

    Fitch is known to have an effective, but not particularly exciting fighting style.

    His last three fights spelled the story. He lost by knockout to Johny Hendricks, then won a decision over Erick Silva.

    Fitch's latest loss was the deciding factor as he was dominated for three rounds by Demian Maia.

    The UFC made the message loud and clear that if your fight style isn't appealing, your job may never be safe.

Be Marketable

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    Many have heard the phrase "talk is cheap."

    I'm here to tell you that is not true.

    A picture perfect example is Chael Sonnen. He is probably the best self-promoter in the UFC today.

    Sonnen is extremely smart and charismatic. When he speaks, people listen. There's a reason that he got a title shot in the light heavyweight division without fighting there for five-plus years.

    Sonnen is a prime example of what every fighter needs to be.

    Life is a business and so is the UFC. Fighters should look for and capitalize on every opportunity to sell themselves and their upcoming fights.

    The more attention they receive, the harder they become to ignore. And if the attention is positive, then you better believe the UFC bosses will notice.

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