Dolph Ziggler's Losing Record Must End Now

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistMarch 11, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

Dolph Ziggler is one wrestler who seemingly has everything.

He has one of the top Diva’s in AJ Lee by his side, a bodyguard who no one wants to mess with in Big E Langston, and even a contract for a World Heavyweight title match.

Yet for whatever reason, he can't manage to get a solid win.

Dolph Ziggler's losing record must end now.

Every time the Show-Off loses a match, it becomes harder and harder to take him seriously as a possible World Heavyweight Champion.

To make matters worse, he loses with Big E Langston and A.J. Lee by his side.  What does Ziggler's constant failure to win, even when they interfere, say about them?

Ziggler's losses have also become pointless.

Why does he need to lose to a wrestler like the Miz?  They might have somewhat of a feud going, but to make it so Ziggler never gets a win over the Miz is pointless.

Especially when Ziggler is going to eventually be a World Heavyweight Champion.

Ziggler is one of the better wrestlers in the WWE, and has the potential to be a top wrestler.  His losing record must end now, so that he looks ready to be a World Heavyweight Champion.


Pointless Losses

Ziggler's current losing record is pointless and needs to end now.

Why does the WWE continue to have him lose to every wrestler he faces?  The losses make no sense, and  they only make Ziggler seem weak.

He is a great wrestler who should be pushed to be a top star, but with the constant losses, it's hard to see Ziggler reaching the top.

Every time Ziggler has a match on Monday Night RAW, he seems to lose. One of the major problems the WWE has is a lack of talent at the top, so why not push Ziggler as a top wrestler instead of burying him with losses?

The more Ziggler continues to lose, the more he seems like a jobber

The last solid feud Ziggler had with a wrestler was when he went up against John Cena, and outside successfully defending his Money In The Bank contract (thanks to help from AJ Lee), Ziggler was never able to get a win over the Doctor of Thuganomics.

Even after throwing everything he had at Cena.

Their feud has been over for a couple of months now, but Ziggler continues to lose.  Whether it’s to the Miz, or Ryback, Ziggler can’t manage to win a single match, and the only question to ask is why?

He suffered a ton of losses in 2012, and 2013 seems to be shaping up the same way for the Show-Off. 

He continues to lose so much now that it’s hurting his progress as a top talent in WWE.


Champion or Chump

Ziggler seemed to finally be getting a big push after the Money in The Bank pay-per-view. 

He held his own at Survivor Series, pinning Randy Orton clean, and as mentioned before, successfully defended his contract against John Cena at TLC.

His losing record now, though, makes it hard to believe he could ever win the championship.

How will Ziggler be able to use his contract and win the title after suffering from so many losses?  He’s also tried to use his contract several times already, but was never able to officially start the match before being taken out.

Dolph will be a future World heavyweight champion.

Continuing to lose makes it harder to believe.


Big E And AJ Lee

Even with the help of Big E Langston and AJ Lee, Ziggler can’t manage to win a match.  They both get involved, and set the Show-Off up for a chance to pin his opponent, but he always seems to fail.

Besides making Ziggler look incapable as a wrestler, what do his losses say about Langston and Lee?

Even when distracting the ref and using typical heel tactics, Langston and Lee’s involvement is never enough.

What is the point of having them come out with Ziggler then if he still can’t manage to win?

Does the WWE really want to make Ziggler seem like he can't win even with all the help from Langston and Lee?

It would be understandable against a monster like Ryback, but when Ziggler can’t get a match against a wrestler like the Miz even after Langston and Lee get involved, it makes them all seem weak.

Ziggler's losing record needs to end now.

The WWE needs more top stars, and having Ziggler lose constantly, makes him seem less likely to win the World Heavyweight title.

Ziggler needs to stop losing, because when WrestleMania rolls around, the Show-Off needs to seem strong enough to successfully cash in his contract.


Michael Guadalupe is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. Follow him on Twitter @The_Guada.