Ranking the 10 Best GIFs of the 2012-13 College Basketball Season

Avi Wolfman-ArentCorrespondent IIMarch 4, 2013

There's a fascinating PBS short on the history of GIFs, 35 percent of which is dedicated to people intellectualizing their appeal.

The theories range from the blunt (it's like a picture, but it moves) to the abstract (humans crave repetition). By the end of it, I'm not sure we've progressed all that far past: GIFs are awesome.

But GIFs are awesome, and college basketball GIFs are even more awesome because they involve college basketball.

Here are our 10 favorites from the 2012-13 college basketball season.


10. Louisville Springs a Trap

GIF courtesy of Sports Illustrated

What You're Seeing: Louisville ambushing South Florida with a sudden half-court trap during the idle moments of a conference game.

Why It's Awesome: Because Louisville's defense (ranked first in adjusted efficiency, per KenPom.com) is awesome and because Sports Illustrated wunderkind Luke Winn used the GIF to demonstrate the stunning magnitude of its awesomeness.


9. That Twinking Feeling

GIF courtesy of collegehoopsjournal.com

What You're Seeing: I couldn't rightly tell you.

Why It's Awesome: Because you get to see that moment when he realizes he's on television.


8. The Bill Self Boogie

GIF courtesy of Larry Brown Sports

What You're Seeing: Bill Self urging his defense to retreat during the waning seconds of a game against Oklahoma State.

Why It's Awesome: Because we finally got to see how a Bill Self/MC Hammer headline tour might play out.


7. Patric Young Is a Man of Great Strength

GIF courtesy of searchingforbillyedelin.com

What You're Seeing: Florida forward Patric Young (6'9") erasing Florida State junior Terrance Shannon (6'8").

What It's Awesome: Because Patric Young can make people disappear.


6. Markel Brown Will Destroy Your Baskets

GIF courtesy of CBS Sports

What You're Seeing: One of the dunkiest dunks in the dunktastic career of Oklahoma State junior Markel Brown.

Why It's Awesome: Of the one percent of people who can dunk a basketball, 99 percent of them wouldn't even attempt this.


5. An Orange Krush Rush

Courtesy of SB Nation

What You're Seeing: The final play from Illinois' upset win over Indiana.

Why It's Awesome: Because the play works. Because the game matters. And because as the camera angle widens, we catch the delirious first moments of all the court-rushing mayhem that will ensue.


4. A Very Merry Bakamus

GIF courtesy of holdoutsports.com

What You're Seeing: Gonzaga freshman Rem Bakamus celebrating a made shot by his team during its game against Illinois.

Why It's Awesome: Because it allows us to process his unfiltered enthusiasm, smile, look up his name online and smile some more.


3. Slapgate, 2013

GIF courtesy of Twitter user @nate_friedman

What You're Seeing: Miami trolling Duke with a wound-salting reenactment of the Blue Devils' patented floor slap.

Why It's Awesome: Because Warren Sapp started the whole thing, and because Duke responded a month later.


2. Butler Against Gonzaga in the Fieldhouse

GIF courtesy of SB Nation

What You're Seeing: The final seconds of Butler's miracle win over Gonzaga. In the sequence, Butler's Roosevelt Jones steals the entry pass and sinks the game-winning shot as time expires.

Why It's Awesome: The whole thing happened in less than four seconds. Butler won by one point.


1. World, Meet Marshall

GIF courtesy of collegebasketballtalk.com

What You're Seeing: Marshall Henderson taunting an angry horde of Auburn bros after having sunk a pair of game-winning free throws.

Why It's Awesome: Because of everything about it.